YUCHIP Cloud One Platform For LED Display Management



If you’re a new LED screen user, you may find it difficult to operate the product. However, with YUCHIP, we help you become familiar with the product’s features.

Meanwhile, in this post, we’ll help you know more about an effective platform that we use in our LED screen products and solutions. Furthermore, please tune in and read more below. If you have further inquiries and questions, please message us at manager@yuchip.com.

What Is YUCHIP Cloud One Platform?

YUCHIP Cloud One is a professional LED display platform. It is a secure and efficient independent cloud management solution for display users that can increase production by entering the era of cloud LED management.

YUCHIP Cloud One Platform

The cloud-based LED display management solution across all stages: planning, deployment, operation, and maintenance. It is, perhaps, remote management and control; the YUCHIP Cloud One is a simple, innovative solution for all terminal LED displays yet can be used across all platforms and regions.

It has a flexible layout and precise synchronization, allowing multiple regions to be on one screen. And with visual interface control, it is simpler to operate. It includes real-time monitoring of LED displays, professional health monitoring, and multiple protection safeguards, ensuring reliability and stability.

The YUCHIP Cloud One Platform Features

Let us go through its features.

  • Convenient and Efficient Control

YUCHIP Cloud uses any internet-connected devices to enjoy remote publishing and control. Thus, the online media library is easily accessible with the four-step operation to publish content quickly and efficiently with visual programming. Therefore, auto-generated log files provide detailed play data of display for the advertiser’s assurance.

LED Screen Operation

  • Safe, Stable, and Guaranteed

It has strict authority authentication, encrypted channels, fingerprint data, and terminal lock-up to guarantee the display is always running securely. Moreover, professional operation and maintenance ensure ultimate stability.

  • Flexible & Autonomous

YUCHIP Cloud Flexible access control allows you to assign operation privileges to adapt to various applications. Custom branding to help promote your LED brand.

  • 24 Hours Total Status Monitoring

Monitors are the operating status of the display’s sending card, card receiver, monitoring card, multifunction card, and more. It monitors cabinet temperature, humidity, smoke, and other environmental conditions.

Effectiveness And Control Attributes

Also, it monitors the voltage of the cabinet power source, fan speed, LED lamp, and module connection wiring. Within 5 minutes, you can receive a detailed description of the fault and a recommended solution via email. Thus, it increases support effectiveness while reducing the time to correct defects.

  • Real-time Remote Monitoring

YUCHIP Cloud supports smartphone app monitoring from any location—instant tracking, including a live display image.

  • Streamlined Remote Control

It has accurate data, allowing simple operations based on real-time conditions. Thus, it supports the light adjustment of display parameters, including brightness.

  • Flexible Authority Permissions

YUCHIP Cloud has flexible permissions; you can pass authority to view and operate displays to others.

  • Detailed Health Report
It uses a comprehensive system checkup and full awareness of the display’s operating status history to identify problems before they occur quickly.

Simultaneously, we have the most professional multimedia player—bridging the gap between display and content—self-connects to optimal signal, real-time monitoring software, averting trouble before it appears. Also, a remote emergency connection allows you to respond to issues at a moment’s notice.

  • Ultimate Stability

It also has multiple redundant backups for ultimate stability, so there’s no need for a PC in integrated sending and control, thus keeping operation simple. Also, it supports cloud publishing and monitoring—no need to be on-site to manage your displays.

Synchronous and asynchronous modes meet the needs of any scenario with scheduled or free switching. You can support the control via PC, mobile, pad, and other intelligent devices. On the other hand, different products have different performances, which meet different LED displays and scenarios.

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