YUCHIP Debuted On ISE 2020 And Won The European Market




Amsterdam airport is one of the major airports in the Netherlands and Europe. Geographically, the Netherlands borders Germany to the east and Belgium to the south. Besides, the Netherlands is well developing in sea, land, and air transport.

On the other hand, as the representative of Europe, the Netherlands is a hub connecting the European and Asian markets. Therefore, convenient transportation and geographical location provide a lot of convenience for Dutch trade.

ISE 2020 in Amsterdam
ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The ISE 2020 was in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s largest AV and is a system integration exhibition.

Meanwhile, ISE successfully attracted more than 47,000 visitors from 105 countries. And 825 exhibitors are from 29 countries and regions, covering an area of 30,000 square meters.

The number of visitors increased by 17% year on year, with nearly 80 Chinese exhibitors and 40 LED Display companies. The exhibition includes representatives from France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Hungary, and many other countries and regions of the world’s exhibitors.


YUCHIP At The ISE 2020


YUCHIP is a Chinese LED Display manufacturer that participates in ISE 2020. With the theme of “showing the wonderful world,” YUCHIP demonstrated its Mini-LED product family and showed a new superb level of visual experience.

And then, with its latest technology and world-leading solutions, YUCHIP stands out in this ISE exhibition.

In ISE 2020, YUCHIP brings new product lines to each segment, including a P2.5 Taxi Top LED display. P2.5 rental display and P2.5 LED Poster products. Also, YUCHIP accepts customization projects, providing customers with comprehensive solutions. Based on its cutting-edge technology and products.

YUCHIP’s new product has attracted a lot of customers. And users made the atmosphere on the site reach its climate. All of these made YUCHIP a very famous spot in ISE 2020. Next, let’s take a look at what we have brought to the exhibition!


1. P2.5 Taxi Top LED Display


More Taxi Top LED Display Photo
Taxi Top LED Display

Through our continuous efforts and improvement, the taxi screen has finally become the most reliable taxi advertising solution in the LED industry.

With 120% color gamut coverage and HDR image refinement technology, YUCHIP P2.5 Taxi Top provides participants with a brand new viewing experience and immersive viewing effect.

Besides, YUCHIP has become the number one supplier of Taxi Top LED displays in Europe by sales volume. And it was then providing solutions to a wide range of advertising agencies and end-users.


2. P2.5 LED Poster

LED Poster

The P2.5 LED Poster at ISE 2020 also brought a new visual feast to viewers and exhibitors. Both of these new products use YUCHIP’s leading technology.

It uses aluminum profiles, making it significantly superior to other advertising screens on the market.

The LED PostAir also supports customization, allowing for seamless splicing of multiple units. GOB is also an option with excellent waterproof performance, screen stability, and dynamic efficiency, which have reached a higher level.


3. P2.5 Indoor Rental LED Display


The P2.5 rental display is another bright spot as the mini indoor HD display family leader. YUCHIP Indoor Rental LED Display adopts a four-in-one SMD technology and matrix integration package.

New Indoor Rental LED Screen 1
Indoor Rental LED Screen

The most prominent feature of this Indoor Rental LED Display is its lightweight and convenient installation. Simultaneously, this P2.5 Indoor Rental LED Display captured the exhibitors due to its high contrast, brightness, and exquisite and clear display.

ISE 2020 has gradually increased the popularity of YUCHIP in the European LED display market.

YUCHIP is committed to growing with global customers based on quality as the first principle. We plan to open an office under the premise of continuous innovation and quality improvement to shorten the production cycle and delivery time.

We would like to see you next year at ISE2021 Barcelona!

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