YUCHIP 3D Hologram Advertising LED Fan Display

3D Hologram Advertising LED Fan Display

3D Hologram LED Display
3D Hologram LED Display

LED technology keeps on prospering, which then leads to creating newer and more outstanding LED displays.

Many sectors in the economy, not only in advertising and productivity, have switched to LED use because of its relative advantages and widespread influence.

One of these trends is the 3D Hologram LED Fan, a fan display, for different applications. The newest so far, yet already getting popular and patronized.

Now, the question goes, why is it becoming popular?


3D Hologram Advertising Fan LED Display is an LED display with the characteristics of a 3D effect, making the object look floating when it’s turned on. The fan becomes invisible, and all you can see is the object displayed.

3D Hologram LED Fan Display Advantages

It has the following advantages:

3D Hologram Advertising LED Fan Display
3D Effect
  • 3D Effect

With the display changes, we have transitioned from 2D to 3D effects as well.

More and more people fascinate the 3D Hologram Display because it creates a digital appearance and realizes technological value.

  • Long-life Span

It is cheaper than a traditional LED Display but has a longer life-span.

It can serve you at least ten years to help you in the long run for advertising purposes.

  • Low Energy Consumption

Because of its handy size, it consumes only very little electricity when in-plugged. So, you don’t have to worry about playing multiple 3D LEDs simultaneously.

  • Easy Installation

There’s no need for you to hire someone to install it because of its quick installation. You can disassemble and bring it anywhere, as easy as that.

3D Hologram LED Display
3D Hologram LED Display
  • Easy Management

Usual LEDs have front and rear maintenance; in 3D Hologram LED Fan Display, all you need is a piece of cloth to clean the blades.

When there’s a functional problem, you only need a screw to check the interior parts.

  • Broad Applicability

You can use them in almost all applications. Frequently, you can see them on TV stations, trivia events, offices, malls, internet cafes, and many more.

3D Hologram LED Fan is now kicking the market because of its high-value. At the same time, it can also provide customers with multiple forms of cluster advertising video releases such as APP and WeChat, making it easier to control.

If you have any questions, please visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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