3D Hologram LED Display, Production And Advantages

3D Hologram LED Display

3D Hologram LED Display, from the name itself, is a type of LED Display with hologram features. It produces an illusion of 3D objects, which makes them look like floating in the air.

Once it works, it creates a see-through view since the fan becomes invisible and vividly represents the object.

This video below is its entire production process and the production details.


This type of LED Display is now getting its way to the market because of the fantastic view it creates. And it is applicable for advertising use, display use, home use, or even office service.

3d Advertising LED Fan
3D Advertising LED Fan
  • Advertising

It can display campaigns and ads and is way more catchy than traditional advertising.  It entertains your audience, for example, as a signboard for internet cafes, salons, spas, etc.

  • Display use

These 3D Hologram Fan LEDs produce a more digital view in malls, TV stations in showing the particular object, and trivia events.

  • Home use

If you want a more innovative view of your home, this fits you well. It will surely amaze your visitors whenever they get in your house. You can install them as a decoration in your living room, or if you have a work-room, it gives out a friendlier atmosphere.

3D Hologram LED Display
3D Fan Hologram LED Display
  • Office decoration

Its digital perspective keeps the energy rolling in an office premise.

Through its visual effects, it can positively impact the whole office area.

You can use them as a decoration, time clock, reminder display, or even for announcements.


3D Hologram LED display has the following benefits:

  • No borders and no fixed screen;
  • Makes creative holographic visuals;
  • It’s three times cheaper than traditional LED displays;
  • You can bring  and install it anywhere;
  • Lightweight and easy disassembling
  • Energy-saving

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