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P2.5 Car LED Display Screen


Are you a business owner or geek who wants to gain more sales? Is your product not reaching enough brand status and popularity? Perhaps, advertising is the key. Now, the question goes, how can you advertise better? Or what do you need to promote your products well?

You might be scratching your head even without an itch. Hence, YUCHIP comes in to help you with specific challenges. We provide you with the best advertising display for your particular needs. And one of our solutions is the car LED display screen.

What is it, and why car LED display is an ideal advertising method?

Car LED display screens are LED displays put on top of a car or taxi for advertising. It creates a more excellent overall appearance of the cab, making it more passenger-friendly. It has a digital ambiance that impacts the city it explores.

Also, it lights up places; thus, it becomes more catchy, especially at nighttime.


P2.5 Car LED Display Screen Advantages


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Taxi Top LED Display Production

Now, if you’re not familiar yet with its functions and advantages, check out below.

  • Well-designed Cooling System

Needless to worry, if your taxi runs 24/7, it wouldn’t quickly heat up, even in the daytime. Taxi LED display cooling system is enough to overcome the heat it might absorb while on the road.

  • Aluminum Casting Material

Car LED display screen ultra-thin and lightweight design uses a die-casting aluminum material, making the LED display corrosion-resistant.

More Taxi Top LED Display Photo
Taxi Top LED Display Aging Test
  • Easy Maintenance

Taxi LED display utilizes front maintenance since both displays cover the rear sides. It is through the use of a magnetic section tool.

  • Organized Internal Wire Harnessing

The LEDs come with very little to no maintenance since the inside parts are in order. It is to make sure you can use them every day and with a bit of maintenance time, in case.


  • Powerful Control Software

A variety of connection modes such as 3G, 4G, RJ45, USB, SD-card, thus you can publish real-time information simultaneously.

  • Variety of Content

It generally supports flash, pictures, videos, text, and other forms of content.

You’ll never know how it’ll impact your business unless you get one. Learn more about our car LED display screen products;

Also, here are some links you may follow if you need some informative readings about the taxi LED display.

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