YUCHIP P4 Fixed Indoor LED Display

P4 Fixed Indoor LED Display

P4 Indoor LED Display
P4 Fixed Indoor LED Display

Whether for advertising or stage use, this P4 fixed indoor LED display fits your purpose perfectly.

It indeed makes its presence worthwhile through its engaging content visuals, effect, and the atmosphere it creates.

For advertising, its clear and vivid screens can display various ads, and campaigns and the audience can see them in the distance.

Besides, it’s more catchy than using static billboards and posters.

While for stage use, its full-range of colors enables you to display content with playing themes and designs.

YUCHIP has been creating LED displays for various events and purposes in different countries. Thus, one of our international projects is a P4 Fixed Indoor LED in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country and has a continuing drive to develop and improve its infrastructure.


It is one of the most well-developed infrastructures among the newly modernizing countries of Asia.

Thus, they strive to assess and seek the best product to contribute to their success.

One example is the use of LEDs in their premises, like hotels, business offices, and cities.

YUCHIP contributed with their perseverance by providing them a P4 indoor fixed screen.

If you’re not familiar yet, below are its advantages.

P4 Fixed Indoor Screen Advantages

If you’re not familiar yet, below are its advantages.

Technical Features

  • Pixel pitch: 4mm
  • Refresh rate: 800-1920HZ
  • Brightness: 800-1000CD/㎡
  • Cabinet Size: 512mm x 512mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 11.5kg
  • Length: 6.14m
  • Height: 3.1m


YUCHIP P4 Indoor HD LED Video Display In Malaysia
P4 Indoor HD LED Video Display
  • HD Display

Its high-refresh-rate and high-brightness allow it to create and display crystal clear images, flicker-free.

  • SMD2121

YUCHIP P4 indoor LED advertising display adopts SMD2121, low brightness, and high intensity, thus, ensuring display effect in the indoor, picture is vivid that brings you to perfect visual experience.

  • Front Maintenance

You can do front maintenance through the use of a magnetic suction tool.

  • Wide Applicability

P4 indoor HD LED display can be for meetings, small stage, conference, airport, railway stations, and other places.

Learn more, visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/

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