P1.6 HD LED Display screen offers a variety of advantages.


It has full HD as clear as television, giving you the ultra-fine experience every time. Its large view angle makes it even better because it can cater to a large audience. Lightweight because it is made out of die-casting aluminum, making it easier to carry plus convenient.

Also, you can install it fastly as to how people want instant things these days. This indoor display screen gives you more accurate color, making resolution vibrant and safe for your eyes. Additionally, the HD LED display screen provides high-quality service.

Indoor HD LED Display
Indoor HD LED Display

YUCHIP, China’s leading screen solution provider, has made a remarkable effort to keep its innovation always on track. Our products and services reflected clients’ satisfaction and feedback. As a result, we continue to top the industry, making us recognized internationally.

We provide products for outdoor and indoor use, multifunctional and multi-dimensional. We also customized products according to client’s preferences. YUCHIP has been manufacturing display screens since 2004 and still paving its way to our clients.

Invest in products from manufacturers you truly trust and has a firm reputation in the industry.

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