Indoor P3.91 Rental LED Display, Front Maintenance And Aging Test

P3.91 Rental LED Display

P3.91 LED Display is a type of indoor LED used for different purposes and locations, such as shopping malls, theaters, advertising walls, and other purposes. It is cost-effective, and you can use it either for fixed or rental use. Below are the product features,

P3.91 Rental LED Display
P3.91 Rental LED Display
  • High Quality LED

The pixel pitch is 3.91 mm, and the refresh rate is up to 960 Hz. The brightness: 800-1200CD/㎡ and uses SMD2121 which makes the display clear, and photos and other content have high reliability and contrast.

  • Cabinet Size

The cabinet is lightweight, measures 500mm*500mm, and weighs 6kg per module. Therefore, you can easily transport it, install and dismantle it from time to time. Also, it has ultra-thin indoor cast aluminum material.

  • Curved LED

You can customize the LED Display for creative display series to make an outstanding presentation in various locations and purposes.

  • Various Input System

The LED display uses different input systems like HDMI, SDI, VGA from DVD, or other video players; therefore, you can display content using your amenable source/s.

P3.91 LED Display Front Maintenance

Indoor P3.91 Front Maintenance LED Display Screen

LED Display body is a convenient model for the power supply and video signal in the front maintenance.

It has the following features:

  • Easy disassembly, you can remove it in few seconds; therefore, it requires minimal workforce and time.
  • The traditional display must set aside enough space for maintenance. The front care LED screen to solve this problem.
  •  The front maintenance LED display surface is firm and smooth.
  • It has anti UV module suite, thus protect the screen body not to deform.
  • The pre-maintenance module’s core technology, no maintenance channel, deals with a variety of installation environments.

Indoor P3.91 Aging Test

YUCHIP makes sure that every product is always of the best quality. That’s why LED has to undergo series of tests such as the aging tests.

In an aging test, the LED is in the process of simulating the long-time operation of a LED Display Screen for 72 hours. It is to ensure that the display has the best performance before a complete purchase.


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