P16 Outdoor Fixed LED Display For Advertising

P16 Outdoor Fixed LED Display

P16 Outdoor Fixed LED Display is a type of LED screen used for outdoor advertising. Its pixel pitch (16) makes it ideal for billboard use in buildings, cities’ corners, and establishments in urbanized areas.

Not only it displays infographic videos and commercials, but also it adds a more superior ambiance to the whole area. Since it is a fixed installation and often placed on roofs, billboard frames require workforce and equipment to correctly position the screen.

Outdoor LEDs are almost everywhere. Even in small towns, there are some LEDs. They seemed like food for our eyes.

That is to say; advertising companies use LEDs to tickle their target clients to gain sales and higher revenues.

Outdoor Fixed LED Display For Advertising

P16 LED Display is the right choice for Outdoor LED advertising.

P16 Outdoor Advertising LED Display Billboard
P16 Outdoor Advertising LED Display Billboard

Advertising, being almost a part of our lives, influences our decisions and choices.

From the items we buy for ourselves, home appliances, personal hygiene to services we need, we see them through advertisements.

According to a study, people tend to remember content shown in a digital advertising channel than static posters or images. Thus, making LEDs suit for the advertising field.

Now, outdoor SMD LED display applications gradually widen while DIP LEDs still have their irreplaceable advantages. Such as high brightness up to 8000 or more, low cost, ripened technology, and stable quality. Also, it has a long life span, can last up to 11 to 12 years.

YUCHIP has been specializing in outdoor displays for thirteen years. With a wealth of industry experience and improved products, we make sure to give our clients the best solutions.

We continue to innovate and cultivate our brand to meet advertising and other industries in need of our products.

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