LED Displays are seen everywhere, from establishments to billboards to events and occasions. Wherever you go, LEDs follow you.

Its popularity arises because of its multifunctionality and advantages. And so, it continues to develop and advance, causing more and more innovations—for instance, waterproof LEDs for rental and stage use.


Have you seen events done outside? For example, birthdays, weddings, christenings, and family gatherings. If yes, then probably you imagine how the people will be like when the weather suddenly counteracts. Or you know some friends inlined with organizing events looking for rental LEDs basically because it’s expensive to purchase one.

With difficulties come out solutions, we designed an LED type that will surely fill the gaps.

YUCHIP, China’s leading screen solution provider, being in the field in the long run, has addressed uncertainties and has responded to them.

P6.25 Outdoor Rental LED Display In Budapest
P6.25 Outdoor Rental LED Display In Budapest

Some of the P6.25 features are:

  • Dustproof and utilizes IP65;
  • Complete aluminum constitution, ultra-thin and ultra-light and has a beautiful mixture of color.
  • Large viewing angle; the panel viewing and vertical angle could reach 140. Thus, the image won’t go out of shape and colorcast between the rang;
  • It makes it easy installation and dismantles.

It can be applied in vocal concerts, clubs, nightclubs, discos, and parties to add life and lights, also, for supermarkets and other establishments for advertising purposes.

Should you have questions and inquiries about P6.25 and other LED Displays, please don’t hesitate to reach us and visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.