YUCHIP P10.4 Transparent LED Display

You know you’re in the 21st century when you see LEDs. That is because LEDs are now setting the norm for display. From static posters and paper notices to LCD signs and directly LED displays, much more promising- Transparent LEDs.

Refashion, dynamic changes, technology, continuous integration; are the reasons behind evolving LED development. Besides, wherever we go, it follows us and is already part of our everyday views.

Imagine a city without colorful displays; it seems dull and lifeless. People wouldn’t be motivated to go around and enjoy, unlike if LEDs are present.

Aside from billboards and LED signs, one more advancing LED type is the Transparent LED Screen.

Now that Transparent LEDs capture people’s attention, it is the right time for you to switch to them. You’ll never know how far it’ll benefit you unless you get one. Anyhow, below are essential details you have to check first.

Features of P10.4 Glass Transparent LED Display

You can choose pixel pitch options; we suggest you have a P10.4 Glass Transparent LED Display. 

Why? Here are the reasons;

P10.4 Glass Transparent LED Display Screen
P10.4 Glass Transparent LED Display

1. Its high transparent effect is up to 60%—95% penetration rate. It satisfies the high lighting requirements and the visual angle between floors and glass walls and windows.

2. Transparent Glass LED Display uses less space and, lightweight. The motherboard thickness is only 10mm, and the body of the LED display weighs only 15kg/m2.

3. You can install them on the glass wall directly, and it does not necessarily change the building structure.

4. Easy installation, thus, less maintain coat. No steel structure is needed because it is fixed on the glass wall directly.

5. Transparent LED Screen indoor maintenance is more quickly and safe as well as cheaper. Therefore, it is cost-effective and the latter practical.

So, what do you think?

YUCHIP looks forward to providing you new marketing and advertising tool. Thus, if you have questions, please visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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