The P10 LED wall has the following features and advantages to be your ideal outdoor advertising.

1. P10 LED wall utilizes SMD for outdoor, therefore enlarging the screen’s viewing angle. Thus, your large audience can see or watch advertising content.

P10 outdoor full color arc led Display curve video led screen
P10 LED Wall, Wall Mounted on Commerical Building 

2. P10 LED display board has a smoother image than DIP (1r1g1b). As a result, it displays vivid pictures and videos more smoothly and detailly.

3. P10 LED screen uses light and slim cabinet; cabinet weighs 32kg and 100mm in thickness. Lightweight and easy to transport.

4. Flexibility and movability and easy installation and dismantling.

5. P10 LED display board uses a navigation connector which is for safety and stability.

P10 LED wall is also cost-efficient, which means it’s economical for you and the investment in proportion to the benefits. Besides, it has a long life span and easier maintenance. Therefore, you wouldn’t worry much about replacing and repairing it from time to time.

This advantage would mainly help big businesses to further their status and small entrepreneurs to upscale their brand.

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