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YUCHIP P2.5 Car Top LED Screen: Features And Advantages



Car Top LED Screen P2.5

The comprehensive technology opened many innovations and successes. On the other hand, LED evolved significantly and manifested in different economic sectors, real estate, purposes, and areas. Perhaps it gave birth to various mobile advertising methods, including the car top LED Screen P2.5.

Because of its flexible use and multi-functionality, businesses and individuals consider it a significant breakthrough and milestone in the market.

Also, LEDs’ existence has been unquestionable since then.

Furthermore, its implications and advantages are seen mainly in the companies’ success in advertising and leveraging their business presence.

P2.5 Car Top LED Screen Features

Generally, the car top LED screen now sets the advertising standard in cities and urbanized areas. Significantly, it motivates taxi franchising owners to enter this trend to keep high revenues. Also, it makes a taxi look much more friendly and pleasant.


Among our taxi top LEDs, one of the best-selling in our Car Top LED Screen P2.5. Below are its features.

  1. The P2.5 Taxi Top LED Screen has 384 x 128 pixels and is high resolution.
  2. It uses 3G, USB, WIFI, RJ45, and other means of connection and has an integrated GPS positioning function.
  3. It supports Android system control, such as phones and tablets.
  4. The Car Top LED Screen P2.5 works the whole day and can fully adapt to various environments. Also, it has high brightness and can avoid lighting.
  5. The luminous intensity is in the view range. When the sun is directly on the screen, the display can still show the information clearly.

YUCHIP provides a standard and customized taxi/car top LED screen according to your requirements and needs. Before your final purchase, we will help you set up the programs and software you’ll need.

We will also help you with the installation process to keep the display intact for safety and stability. Besides, you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll have a problem. Our LEDs undergo an aging test to ensure the performance of each product.

P2.5 Taxi Top LED Screen Advantages

The P2.5 taxi top LED screen can offer many advantages if you’re a taxi franchise owner, driver, citizen, advertising firm, etc. Here are a few.

  • Digital Network Expansion

A car-top LED screen like the P2.5 can significantly expand digital networks. It helps communications, data networks, digital platforms, and social media to achieve worthwhile progress.

P2.5 Taxi Top LED Screen

  • Friendlier Vehicle

It has been proven that installing car top LED screens to mobile vehicles such as taxis significantly increases passenger demand. The LED screens can brighten and bring friendlier feelings that easily attract passengers to get in and ride in.

  • Entertainment

Taxi top display that plays various content such as videos, images, animations, and advertisements can entertain passers-by and everyone who is passed by the taxi or mobile vehicle. In some instances, like traffic jams, watching content can ease the tension during daytime and rush hours.

  • Wider Brand Sensitivity

Mobile vehicles such as taxis run miles per day, which means more comprehensive coverage of promoting brands, products, and services.

Where Can I Find P2.5 LED Screens?

P2.5 Taxi Top Display

YUCHIP provides various P2.5 screens beside the Car Top LED Screen P2.5. We have P2.5 screens for indoor (P2.5 LED Display), indoor rental (2.5 mm LED), outdoor, outdoor rental, LED posters, etc.

Also, we provide holistic services from customization, production, delivery, and installation. We also have rich after-sales service, offering technical support, site visitation, guides and manuals, phone, and online support, etc.

Should you have questions, please visit our website;

Contact us at

Should you need more information about taxi LED screens, here are some links you may follow.

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