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P20 LED Display In Peru: A YUCHIP Project


1. What Is A P20 LED Display And Its Applications?


A P20 LED Display is an LED display product that has 20 as its pixel pitch. 20 is a higher or bigger pixel pitch, ideal for 15 to 20 meters of distant viewing. Therefore, it is best for outdoor applications.

P20 LED Display is one of the most common LED products for outdoor installation because it caters to a large audience. Also, it usually comes in huge sizes, making it even more visible from a distance.

Generally, outdoor screens like the P20 LED screen have high brightness, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, and easy maintenance.

P20 LED Display
P20 LED Display

Stadiums are extensive areas for sporting events whereas it is also home for a large number of spectators.

Given the hundreds and even thousands of seats, it will be troublesome for viewers to see the game’s match, players, and status.

However, with a P20 LED screen, they can view and have an upfront experience during their favorite games.

Advertising screens are typically installed in the heart of cities where the crowd can visibly see them.

An advertising screen such as the P20 LED screen with great size and higher pixel pitch can achieve adequate brand sensitivity and advertising campaigns.

Rental events such as theatrical performances, musicals, concerts, and international affairs surely need a large-sized screen with a convenient pixel pitch and high brightness.


2. YUCHIP Outdoor Advertising P20 LED Display In Peru


Peru is a country in South America and is the 19th largest country in the world. Peru is a developing country and is one of the region’s most prosperous economies.

Their main economic activities include mining, manufacturing, agriculture, fishing, and other growing sectors such as telecommunications and biotechnology.

They continue to thrive for positive and stable macroeconomic foundations, improved governance, and an openness to global integration.


(YUCHIP P20 Outdoor Digital LED Advertising Billboard Display In Peru)

Because of the dynamic changes in the global market, they believe that advertising is a key to attaining success in their economy. Furthermore, they urge ways to expand their brands and identity. And they believe outdoor advertising will surely help them to fulfill these goals.

In response to their call, YUCHIP provided them with outdoor screen solutions to help them meet their visions.

One of our projects in Peru utilized an Outdoor P20 LED Billboard. Details are below:

  • It utilized a P20 LED Screen with a 1R1G1B pixel configuration.
  • The P20 LED display size is 10.24 x 6.72m.
  • Its resolution ratio is 512 x 336.
  • The cabinet measures 1280mm x 960mm.
  • It is an outdoor advertising LED screen that has a fixed installation via stand column.

With high brightness, it gives the display an ultra-wide view and smoother pictures when in use. It uses excellent protection technology, reached the index of IP65, and generally works in any weather condition.

Besides, low power consumption and good performance of dissipating heat make it work even with no air conditioning.


4. YUCHIP Pantallas LED Peru Projects


Our products include advertising media, entertainment activities, sports stadiums, stages, conferences, traffic, and lighting decorations. And we’ve accomplished projects around the world; some are in Peru. Below are some of the LED screen or Pantallas LED Peru projects we’ve completed.


Large LED Screen Peru


It utilized a P16 LED display with a total size of 402 m². It is the most prominent and largest outdoor advertising in Peru and South America.

The project is for the Ripley Peru branch. Ripley is a department store, financial services, and shopping malls management company based in Chile.


Pantalla LED Interior


It utilized a P3 Pantalla LED interior with SMD3528. It has high brightness and is installed in a shopping mall in Peru.


5. YUCHIP: A Reliable Pantallas LED Peru Provider


Pantallas LED Peru
Pantallas LED Peru

Outdoor LED displays are now becoming a trend. Currently, LEDs replace the traditional advertising method, which often uses static billboards and posters.

 Its dynamic and lively content adds blend, color, and theme to the area.

Therefore, attracting people and entertaining their eyes. A study also shows that people tend to remember content from a digital platform than static ones.

People perceive digital advertisements as suggestions and recommendations and friendly-reminder.

YUCHIP is a leading Pantallas LED Peru manufacturer and provider. Our projects in Peru are evidently influential and prominent in their respective applications.

Should you want to learn more, please get in touch with us.

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