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Double-sided LED Display

LED Displays are almost everywhere, in every sight, corner, and street in big cities. Thus, they’re so common that we think there should be an LED when there’s a space. LED display comes in various sizes, dimensions, and sides, such as one-sided, double-sided LED display, multi-sided and creative designs.

Overall, LED implies business, product, brand, and status, so they’re where people are. LED screens create better brand sensitivity among large audiences in various locations.

For example, LEDs are in every store in shopping malls to showcase the brand and catch people’s attention to get higher sales. One of YUCHIP’s best-selling indoor rental displays is the P3 LED display.

Double-sided LED Screen Advantages

The double-sided LED screen, as the name suggests, has two sides. The back and front sides have LED displays showing the same or different content. A double-sided LED display gives a circular viewing angle because people from all angles can see the video or text.


  • Easy Maintenance

A double-sided screen features easy maintenance. You may opt to perform front maintenance, or if not, you may also choose back care by detaching the bottom lock and raising the screens. The screens are locked in the upper beam for excellent support, especially for hanging installation.

  • Hanging Installation

Preferably, we suggest that a double-sided LED display have or installed in a hanging position because of the following reasons:

  1. It saves space, which you can use for allowing retail stores and more small stalls.
  2. It has a solid supporting beam from the display’s upper side to the shopping mall’s top or roof.
  3. Through hanging installation, the display can accommodate viewers from the mall’s different layers, such as people from the ground floor, second, and so on.
  • Modern Technique

Consequently, you can notice that most LED displays are conventionally installed through a post or walls. Today, as the LED display industry evolves rapidly, the LED screen comes in various techniques. The LED display becomes more and more prestigious, captivating, and innovative in creating the maximum effect in the vicinity, such as a shopping mall.

Why Choose A P3 LED Display For Shopping Mall Display?

Are you thinking about putting an excellent identity in your store? A P3 LED display might be the great answer to your advertising needs. This LED display will captivate your audience with a small pixel pitch of 3. Below are a few of its advantages you should take into account.

Double-sided LED Screen
P3 LED Display
  • Indoor Cast Aluminum

It utilizes a die-casting aluminum cabinet with a 576mm x 576mm size. There’s a 0.1mm gap between the two cabinets which means high technology design and high flatness.

  • Cabinet Features

The P3 LED Display cabinet weighs only 6kg; the thickness is only 9.3cm, thus, reducing the labor workforce during installation.

  • Seamless Splicing

The accurate and reliable mechanical design is suitable for fixed installation for long-term use, ensuring seamless splicing between cabinets. And it replaces seamless LCD and DLP projection display products, providing customers with high-quality display solutions suitable for information display, brand promotion, advertising, etc.

  • Lightweight

It has only 32 kg/m², including the connectors and cables. Therefore, pretty convenient for transporting and installing in different locations.

  • Convenient Maintenance

It has an interlocking system that allows you to swap modules. You can use an indoor rental LED screen display in different applications such as the stage, outdoor advertising, shopping malls, etc. It also has other installation methods such as hanging, double-sided hanging, movable, etc.


YUCHIP has been in the LED display industry for 17 years and has projected various pixel pitches and LED displays for shopping malls. That includes large shopping mall billboards, LED posters, and transparent advertising screens.

Our product applications are also flourishing with our propagating knowledge about LED display and solutions manufacturing. Today, as shopping malls have become shopper-centered, innovative, engaging, and fun, they also integrate digital screens to leverage the shopper’s experience.

Are you a shopping mall owner, retail store manager, mall supervisor, or businessman looking for the best shopping mall display? We’ve covered you with our wide range of shopping mall display choices. Please send us an inquiry so we can create your desired LED display for your project.

If you want to learn more about indoor rental LED screens, don’t hesitate to contact us at or visit our website;

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