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Types Of LED Screen Installation




LED Screen Installation
LED Screen Installation

LED Displays are used in different ways, purposes, fields, and market areas, for example, in crowded places like malls, stores, streets, and for occasions and events such as gatherings, conferences, concerts, etc.

The LED screen installation meets visibility, effectivity, location efficiency, etc. Because of its different application fields and operational environment, it has other application methods.

The LED installation has five types; hanging, mosaic, post-type (single or double column), wall-mounted, and roof-mounted. YUCHIP will then provide you with a glimpse of how LED screens are installed.


1. Hanging Installation


Hanging LED Screen Installation
Hanging LED Screen Installation

The hanging installation is standard for indoor LED screens and LED displays with average or small sizes because they are lighter than huge ones. Also, most flexible screens with spiral, wavy, or spheres have this kind of installation.

Generally, this method is for indoor and semi-outdoor LEDs. For safety purposes, it is advisable to use only the average size LEDs below 10m.

Hanging installation includes the use of hanging and bottom beams. To install, you have to connect the cabinet to the hanging apparatus and lock the sides.

This type of installation is usually applied in places like malls, train and bus stations, or stores to display information and advertisements.


2. Mosaic LED Screen Installation


In this method, the whole LED display is inserted on the same level as the wall creating a flat surface with the screen embedded. It has fixed installation; therefore, it only allows front display maintenance.

This method is ideal for indoor or outdoor LED display and is seen in building entrances, theaters, conference rooms, halls, etc.


3. Post-type (Single or Double)


Post-type Installation
Post-type Installation

The post-type installation is typical for outdoor billboards, and the primary function is for advertising and information dissemination. Single-columns are best for small screen sizes, while double-columns are suitable for large displays. Its elevation is visible to distant viewers and creates a nice ambiance, thus attracting people.

You will need a firm stand structure to support the entire post-type or column installation screen.


4. Wall-mounted LED Display Installation


LED Screen Manual

Unlike mosaic, wall-mounted installation does not embed the LED display into the wall. Therefore, allowing front and rear maintenance by removing it from the wall or an integrated frame. As you know, dual maintenance screens are very convenient because they give both sides access. You can choose which side works for you.

Also, if you opt to transfer the LED display installation from one place to another, it will be more uncomplicated and time-saving. Wall-mounted is ideal for indoor or semi-outdoor LED screens.


5. Roof Installation


Roof Installation
Roof Installation

This installation method is for outdoor advertising displays. In this method, you will place the LED display on the roof of a big building with a steel frame structure.

It uses a different mounting frame that holds the LED despite the strong wind. For visibility purposes, LEDs are in a slant position.

This installation is prevalent in big cities where columns or walls are already occupied. To allow greater visibility, LED screens are installed on the roof, giving access to subways, trains, and nearby buildings.



YUCHIP, China’s leading LED screen solution provider, makes sure to serve you the best. Thus, we assure to give you proper guidance and safety measures for your LED needs. Above all, it is essential to know these LED display installation types. Also, you must understand what kind of LED and LED installation is best to upscale your business.

LED Display Installation
YUCHIP LED Display Installation

YUCHIP, with a professional R&D team, provides quality installation services and installation manuals. You may opt to allow us to install the LED display for your greater good, or you may acquire your team to help you. Either way, YUCHIP will provide you with a manual guide and steps to achieve your installation type best.

Do you have more questions? Would you please message us at manager@yuchip.com?

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