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P5 LED Display For Restaurant


An LED display for a restaurant makes an attractive and fascinating appearance. Thus, it creates a more beautiful and comfortable feeling among your customers, resulting in better hospitality services and public reviews.

Then, if you’re looking for the best-LED display choice for restaurant installation, a P5 LED display is a wise option. Moreover, to learn more about how it can impact your business, let us give a handful of reviews and guides on the specifications you need to consider.

(YUCHIP P5 Indoor LED Display For Restaurant Stage)

In hospitality areas where both local and foreign visitors go, creating a cheerful ambiance is vital, especially in restaurants. Aside from offering tongue-satisfying menus, fully-equipped and highly skilled restaurant individuals, and clean, neat, and well-lighted dining sets, digital technology can also help you give your customers a perfect dining experience.

And that comes when you apply menu display screens in your business vicinity. Besides, LED displays can help you bring out the best service and satisfaction to your diners in multiple ways.

What Are The P5 Indoor LED Display Features?

P5 LED Display adopts a high-quality LED Lamp at a 5000:1 high contrast ratio and 16-bit high grayscale. Also, it provides a higher picture and visual feast, making it the first choice in hospitality, conference room, and TV studio application.

LED Display For Restaurant

Hence, with superior consistency, low brightness, and high grayscale, it is endowed with an outstanding character under low brightness status, even reduced to 20% brightness.

Its thin, light panel design and 16kg panel weight lead to more transportation and installation savings than a traditional panel.

A P5 indoor LED display is a perfect choice for a menu screen for the restaurant because it has a more detailed view. Hence, below are a few of its features.

  • High definition, applied as HD TV; thus, presents an overall acceptable resolution.
  • Lightweight at about 20kg per cabinet;
  • Good heat dissipation for a long stable lifetime;
  • High contrast ratio to reflect more accurate and vivid color;
  • It has a slim cabinet design for easier assembly.
  • It comes with more accessible maintenance features, low costs, is user-friendly, and is effortless.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A P5 Restaurant LED Sign?

  • Cost-Effective. A restaurant menu display may come in various price ratios and costs and might even include shipping for some manufacturers, and because of that, we consider it a significant investment. However, if the restaurant LED display gives you many good benefits, it becomes a significant advantage. Also, with its long life span, it can stay in service for a decade or more. Thus, it indicates higher advertising possibility and double or even triple return on investment.

Restaurant LED Signs

  • Outstanding Color Uniformity. Consequently, with more precise color, contrast, brightness ratio, and balanced color uniformity, a P5 digital restaurant menu display can bring you a superb viewing encounter. Hence, it has a high definition, refresh rate, and pixel density, resulting in clear visuals. Also, these are a few specifications you need to check out when buying a restaurant LED display.
  • Easy Customization. Generally, neither informative nor advertising content is vital in engaging your customers in a restaurant setting. Besides, the P5 indoor display has accessible customization features. Also, it gives you ways to prioritize your customers, orders, and food without worrying about continuous content playing.

What Are Its Parameters And Specifications?

Buying a product with minimal familiarity with which standard to consider isn’t easy. So, YUCHIP will help you learn about what you have to check upon choosing your LED display.

Below are the P5 indoor LED display’s specifications. Hence, it can guide purchasing a P5 digital signage restaurant.

Pixel Pitch


LED Lamp


Pixel Density


Scan Mode


Brightness (nits)


View Angle


Max. Power Consumption


Ave. Power Consumption





Uniform brightness, Uniformity 1:1.3

Working Temperature




Refresh Frequency


Grey Grade


Life Span

100000 hours

Continuous Failure-free Working Time

≥10000 hours

Communication Media, Control Distance

Multimode optical fiber<500m, single-mode fiber < 30km,cat 5 cable < 60m

IP Grade


Input Way

Computer and ancillary, PAL/NTSC/SECAM, S-Video; VGA; RGB; Composite Video; SDI, etc.

Display Content

Video DVD, VCD, TV, Image, Text, Animation, and others


Damp-proof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, static-free, anti-thunder, with over current, short circuit, over-voltage, and transient voltage function


Where Can I Use A P5 Restaurant Sign?

Generally, the P5 restaurant digital signage is a perfect choice for restaurant applications. However, you can also install P5 LED displays in shopping malls, conference rooms, TV studios, etc.

Indoor advertising, decorative purposes, or information media will surely bring a lot of advantages. Since it has a perfect definition ratio, it creates more excellent appearances and entertains customers. Consequently, a P5 restaurant LED sign controlling distance is less than 60m, so uploading content, customization, and revising is no worry and trouble-free.

Besides, a restaurant’s LED display boardings can look more excellent as accessible maintenance features in various indoor locations.


Hence, if you’re looking for a leading manufacturer to help you grow your business, YUCHIP is your best accomplice.

YUCHIP, in the long run, has contributed to the success of many businesses and establishments locally and internationally. Besides, with our projects reaching up to 105 countries worldwide, we are a trusted firm by many individuals dealing with advertising problems and many more.

P5 Restaurant LED Signs

Also, we have a wide range of products and solutions you can choose from, such as transparent LED, hospitality screens, school LED signs, theater, museum displays, 3D LED, etc.

Moreover, we provide the best after-sales service such as technical support, phone, online guidance, visitations, and product replacement as part of the 3-5 year warranty. Besides, our technical team has skilled engineers and experts who will help you create the blueprint of your preferred display type.

Also, bringing them into a tangible product is our manufacturing team, who has been crafting our international standard project to new heights. Besides, we communicate openly in addressing your inquiries, suggestions, and feedback.

Above all, it is evident that even if you have the best production and management, you will always need a marketing strategy, and that’s when we come in. We believe every business must use technology because it’s a trend. Also, it’s the most convenient way to reach your target audience.

Thus, if you have questions and are interested in our LED display products and sustainable LED screens, please visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/. Or email us at manager@yuchip.com, and we will get back to you promptly.

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