Stadium LED Screen P8 | LED Perimeter Screen P8

Besides, this type of stadium LED screen is for entrepreneurs who want to alleviate their earnings. It can be your source of profit by renting it out to sports organizers.

Sports events don’t occur daily, so it’s somehow impractical for sports organizers to buy equipment that they will only use seldom. Furthermore, if you opt to achieve a high-class and great sports ambiance, here’s a stadium LED screen P8 for you and your spectators.


2. Stadium LED Screen P8 Features


You might come up with questions like, is it practical, beneficial, and good quality? How about its features and advantages?

You might check these:

Stadium LED Screen P8
Stadium LED Screen P8

1. The P8 stadium LED screen features SMD3535, so it uses SMD (Surface Mounted Device), giving the device a better mechanical performance.
2. Its cabinet measures 1024 x 768 x 76 mm. Therefore, it has the right size for a large audience.
3. It uses extrusion aluminum material, so it doesn’t rust; long-lasting.
4. The LED perimeter screen P8 has an ultra-slim at 76 mm thickness, allowing easy movement.
5. It is ultra-lightweight at 26kg/cabinet, making it convenient for transporting.
6. The Neutrik power and signal power connector can explicitly give you a reliable locking system for a safe power connection.
7. It has a movable rental structure as events rental LED display; adjustable and transferable.
8. Also, it has an adjustable back bracket for perimeter LED screen use; therefore, it is convertible and placed according to your wants.

Moreover, this type of stadium LED display is reliable and efficient. Alongside, it is energy-saving, has sufficient protection to our eyes, and has a long life span. So it’s not questionable that many people invest in this kind of product; low-cost and profitable.


3. Why Do Sports Events Need A Stadium LED Screen?


Stadium Screen
YUCHIP Stadium Screen

Sports events are usually crowded, especially in countries where most people are fond of Live games and matches. Some of the most popular sports are football, cricket, basketball, and soccer across the globe. Football is popular among countries like Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Peru, etc.

While cricket is famous in India, where YUCHIP provided a giant cricket stadium screen in Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, it is recently highlighted by YUCHIP’s sports display projects.

A stadium LED screen is almost a prerequisite in every sporting event. Given the vast crowd, a spectator may not quickly know the game’s status because of the crowd noise, open space, and the distance from the ground. However, with a stadium screen, everyone can easily follow, participate and enjoy the perks of Live games and sporting events.

A stadium LED screen P8 can be a scoreboard, a time clock, an advertising screen, an information display, and a perimeter. It has excellent adaptability and is of flexible use to cater to the stadium design and overall presentation.

An LED Display perimeter, on the other hand, keeps participants and spectators distant. It acts as a border but can be easily dismantled when accidents happen, easing emergency rescues and responses.


4. YUCHIP: A Stadium And Perimeter Supplier


LED Perimeter Screen P8
LED Perimeter Screen P8

YUCHIP has a glamorous and exemplary record in the field of stadium LED screen manufacturing.

We have a rich and significant note, such as our projects in Hungary, the Ice Hockey Stadium display, our participation in the FINA 2017 World Championship, and a lot more.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable partner for your stadium needs, YUCHIP is of great honor and will surely give you the utmost services.

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