YUCHIP 86sqm P10.42 Transparent LED Display Exported To Europe

Transparent LED Display

A transparent display screen delivers an awe-inspiring and outstanding visual performance before customers enter your location. As a leading LED display manufacturer in China since 2004, YUCHIP just shipped out another 86sqm P10.42 transparent LED screen to Europe.

We want to share this installation case demand and our solution with you, which meets and beyond our customer’s expectations.

One example of a transparent display screen installation is a shopping mall over a gate full of glass windows facing sunlight. That’s why our customer asked for the transparent LED 12m wide by 8m high.

Our sales engineer has proposed a P10.42 solution. Why is it a P10.42 solution?

First, P10.42 has enough resolution which is capable of displaying clear images and videos. Second, its screen is cost-effective. Besides P10.42, our transparent LED pixel pitch ranges from P2.8, P3.9, P7.8, P10.42 to P16.

Transparent LED Screen Rapid Development In The Coming Years

YUCHIP provides you a complete LED display solution with variable transparent display screen size and resolution. So, what are the main advantages of YUCHIP Transparent LED?

P10.42 Transparent LED Display Advantages

  • Adjustable and High Brightness

YUCHIPtransparent LED display brightness is up to 6000 nits, which guarantees a visible and dynamic advertising effect even in the daytime. Of course, this brightness is much higher than a traditional projector and LCD.

YUCHIP P10.42 Transparent LED Display 96m2 Exported to Europe
YUCHIP P10.42 Transparent LED Screen

On the other hand, our transparent LED screen brightness is adjustable by the light sensor(automatically) and LED display control software(manually). Thus in the daytime, it shows higher brightness and nighttime lower brightness.

  • Quick Setup and Easy Installation

YUCHIP transparent LED display snap-in design makes it possible for two panels to fit precisely and quickly. Furthermore, each panel 4 sides a unique connector, fasten the panels rapidly and securely. Then, the last comes to power and signal cable connection; they are built-in cabinet frames with plug-in and out designs.

  • Ultra-slim and Lightweight

Our transparent display screen is 80mm in thickness, so it doesn’t need much space to screen. Because of this, it’s possible to install transparent LED in almost any commercial application.

The transparent LED screen weight is 10kg per square meter, while the classical LED display weight is 45kg per square meter. So it’s fair to hang up a transparent display screen in 18m height, and we will provide the hanging bar.

Other than hanging up, wall-mounted, and stand on the floor are two ways to install transparent LED screens.

  • Easy Maintenance

Our engineers developed both front and rear access to replace the LED module, so it’s easy to do maintenance in front or back of transparent display screen. Only a few tiny screws take seconds to screw on and off in the LED module.

To get an explicit knowledge of the YUCHIP P10.42 transparent LED, we would suggest you check the above YouTube video.

A transparent display screen is perfect for retail shops, hotels, shopping malls, exhibitions, and other commercial applications. Transparent LED wall is the future for advertising, and it’s happening now!

If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us at manager@yuchip.com or visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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