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250㎡ P16 Outdoor LED Screen And Aging Test



P16 LED Screen

An outdoor P16 LED screen with 250㎡ sizes is ideal for billboards. Its size is only used for outdoor display and as an advertising billboard or screen for government agencies to disseminate vital information and publish policies, protocols, and sporting events.

P16 Outdoor LED Display, to be specific, is used in different locations—for example, building walls, street corners, city areas, and malls. Not only does it display advertising content like images or videos, but also it adds color and attractiveness to the vicinity itself. It creates a more amicable blend of light and technology, especially in cities or urbanized areas.

Outdoor LED Screen P16 Aging Test

Imagine a giant display placed outside, experiencing various temperatures and weather. You might think it will be tough to install with its size and weight.

So, what if the LED display had sudden trouble after installation? You would think, is there any way to check the LED performance before installing? The answer is yes. And that’s what we call the aging test.


The aging test refers to the process of checking LED performance. It is done by reviewing and running the LED screen P16 for 72 hours. LEDs are from different manufacturing batches and are in warehouses. So, parts and systems are at rest.

The P16 LED Module is designed for stadium installation, so its environment is seriously challenging to its performance.

We check all parts and systems from the most seen to rarely noticed portions in an aging test. It is to ensure LED performance is at its best, considering its months at rest.

Also, at YUCHIP, we believe that the best products result from strict quality assurance and safety checks. To tenure Not only the device or equipment but also the people and the installation area.

Why Is The Aging Test Important?

LED Screen P16

The aging test is one essential process that all LED display products and solutions should undergo. It is a part of the qualifying process before we pull it out for delivery and purchase. Now, why is it essential?

In an aging test, we place the LED screen in an imitating environment for 72 hours for observation, quality check, and to ensure whether the display screen can withstand various circumstances, especially for outdoor LED screens.

Some tests will follow once the product is done with the aging test, such as display and screen tests where gamma, brightness, refresh rate, and other specifications are measured.

In these tests, manufacturers and the engineering team will also check whether dead pixels, cable problems, and the like.

Where Can I Purchase A Quality P16 LED Module?

P16 LED Module

YUCHIP is an award-winning LED display manufacturer from Shenzhen, China.

We provide the utmost products that undergo quality assurance, certification, and excellent service.

Our LED displays are certified by CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, EMC, SABER, BIS, SONCAP, etc.

Also, our top-notch LED products and solutions utilize only trusted technology software, control system, components, and spare parts. Our trusted partners are Nationstar, Novastar, Linsn, LEDvision, and LEDset.

If you’re considering investing in LED display equipment, we are a qualified partner you can count on; please message us to know more.

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