YUCHIP P4 Indoor Rental LED Display With Aluminum Extrusion

YUCHIP P4 Indoor Rental LED Display

P4 Indoor LED Display has wide applications just like other indoor and outdoor LEDs. It functions as a video wall for theaters and commercial screens for digital advertising in malls and stores for indoor use.

While for rental use, stage events, conferences, business meetings, presentations, and other indoor activities utilize this LED type.

YUCHIP P4 Indoor Rental LED Display With Extrusion Aluminum
P4 Indoor LED Screens in Guangzhou

It has a wide viewing angle and vivid color and brightness features. Therefore, giving every viewer a fantastic experience every time.

YUCHIP P4 Indoor Rental Led Display Features:

  • SMD2121 Black LEDs,
  • Sum series IC,
  • G-Energy ultra-slim power supply,
  • Cabinet size: 480mmx480mm.

The business industry changes very quickly, so businesses and entrepreneurs try to cope with the changes. To do so, you have to invest in products to help you gain revenues and upscale your level among your competitors.

LED Display With Aluminum Extrusion

LED Display with aluminum extrusion is now hitting the market sales because of its distinctive feature.

But what is aluminum extrusion?

Let us know what aluminum extrusion is and why it is useful for LED screens.

YUCHIP P4 Indoor Rental LED Display With Aluminum Extrusion
Aluminum extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is when aluminum alloy material is through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile.

A powerful ram pushes the aluminum through the die, and it emerges from the die opening.

Aluminum extrusion has numerous applications across many different industries, such as architectural, automotive, electronics, aerospace, energy, advertising, and other industries.


Now, why is it suitable for LEDs?

LEDs and other parts of  LED modules are composed of metal materials. And are prone to corrosion and rusting.

YUCHIP P4 Indoor Rental LED Display With Aluminum Extrusion
Metal Corrosion

Corrosion is the process of deterioration of materials due to chemical, electrochemical, or other reactions.

Aluminum extrusions offer excellent corrosion resistance.

They do not get rusted, and the aluminum surface has its own naturally occurring oxide film, a protection that can enhance by anodizing or other finishing processes.

Therefore, to make the equation simple, LEDs with aluminum extrusion don’t rust. Thus, it saves money and time for the LED owners when it comes to maintenance.


YUCHIP, China’s leading LED display manufacturer, continues to serve you with innovative products that will benefit you in many ways. We sought to provide you quality and conventional solutions to your needs.

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