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Front Service LED Display And Advantages


1. Introduction


LED display is used in various locations, such as gas stations, convenience stores, gaming & casinos, hotels, spas, cafes, restaurants, government offices, etc. It functions as digital signage showing different content, such as a short commercial or advertisements, announcements, price lists, promo mechanics, menus, services offered, etc. Front Service LED Display, on the other hand, is widespread today because of its features.

Front service LED display saves you time making notices or written announcements posters and changing them from time to time. Thus, giving you ease because you can easily edit or customize the information displayed.


How To Use Nova LCT Do Smart Settings Of Front Service LED Module P4.8

A study also shows that people most likely remember what is in an LED Display than static signage or posters. Therefore, people can remember your announcements or other information you provided on your LED screen.

LED display, with broad applications, suffers from different destructing elements. Thus, they have to be checked from time to time to ensure performance. That’s why LED owners have to do maintenance to know whether the performance and features degrade or improve.


2. What Is Front Service LED Display?


Front Service LED Display
Front Service (using a screwdriver)

Front Service LED display, from the name itself, is a kind of LED display in which maintenance or care is done through the front side. It is widespread today because most people prefer permanently installed screens knowing the situation of tourism and events.

Advertising and LED display use is still outgoing; however, the massive use of rental screens has temporarily ceased, causing the rental displays to shorten.

Meanwhile, the front service LED display gives more accessible access to maintenance processes that you need to perform from time to time. Outdoor Front Service LED Display may barely require maintenance, but you still need to check them once in a while because they are exposed to various particles and temperatures.

Hence, if you opt to have an outdoor front service LED display, it’ll surely ease you and save you high costs in hiring a workforce to perform the process because it only needs a magnet. Using the magnet, you can detach the module and get a vivid view of the inside components, whether dust and other portions or outside factors.


3. What Are Its Advantages?


Front service LED screens are way more advantageous than conventional displays with rear care. Firstly, modules are lighter and easier to detach, while the cabinet might take more workforce to carry it for back maintenance.

Outdoor Front Service LED Display
Front Service (using a magnet)

Also, here are two options that you can choose from in performing front service.

  • Use of Magnet

Indoor LEDs such as fixed installations use this system for front maintenance. It is practical and straightforward to use.

With a special magnet, you can easily remove the screen from the LED module. You can then check the inside part like circuits and other modules, especially if there are troubles. Also, it allows you to move screens or reposition them according to your preference.

  • Use of Front Screws

In some instances, outdoor LED displays use front screws for front maintenance because the modules are locked tighter than indoor modules. It is to ensure safety and promote quality and steady installation. However, the downside is that it may not be easy to detach and reinstall the LED for the first time.


4. YUCHIP: A Front Service LED Display Manufacturer


Outdoor Front Service Screen
Outdoor Front Service Screen YUCHIP

YUCHIP is a reliable partner you can count on when you need front service screens. We have both indoor and outdoor front service LED displays. If you want a flexible screen, stadium, stage, school sign, the high-resolution panel has front service; we can also help you customize.

We have headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and have partner distributors in various countries. Also, we have accomplished numerous projects in 105 countries globally, and we’re looking forward to providing your desired screen for your needs.

We look forward to working with you.

Do you have questions? Please leave us a message or visit our website.


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