High Resolution LED Display in Laos

100㎡ High-Resolution LED Display In Laos



High Resolution LED Display

YUCHIP takes pride in our projects, including Laos’s 100m² High-Resolution LED Display.

Laos is a socialist state and the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia.

It is a member of the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, the ASEAN, the East Asia Summit, and La Francophonie.

The country’s economy mainly depends on trade and investment with nearby nations.

Also, it has impressive tourism, infrastructure, and water and sanitation programs.

But besides their continuous development in the sectors mentioned, they also thrive to advance in advertising and commercial industries like other Southeast Asian countries.

YUCHIP Indoor High-Resolution LED Display In Laos


YUCHIP is a China-based LED display manufacturer with 17 years of experience providing high-resolution LED panels and other LED screens and solutions to various parts of the world. And Laos has been part of YUCHIP’s journey to great expertise.

One of our projects is an indoor LED in Laos. Our client chose two LED types, P2 and P2.5, for indoor use.

Here are the advantages of the two indoor LED types.

  • It has high stability, a dual redundant power supply, and a double signal thermal backup.
  • It has a seamless connection, no interruption, no black line on the screen, and one and multiple Windows broadcasts. Hence, the resolution is refined.
  • The super-fast response sends the video and the image to the active flow.
  • Brightness can be automatically or received by the LED screen.
  • The high-speed refresh rate of up to 3,840 Hertz, no phantom, no flicker or line reduces the risk of eye fatigue, eye strains, and headaches.
  • It has a too-high gray level. The 16-bit processing system achieves 65536 gray levels and 281 megabytes.

P2 LED Screen Features

P2 HD Screen

  • It utilizes a Generic VGA.
  • It has traditional DVI and HDMI high-definition video signals.
  • A P2 LED screen can accept video displays from TV programs.
  • VCD or DVD
  • Live on other video programs.

P2.5 HD LED Features

  • It has more than 140 degrees in horizontal and vertical views.
  • It comes with an ultra-high refresh rate to ensure a clear picture.
  • Fast and convenient assemble and dismount system.

Where Can I Use An HD LED Screen?

An HD LED screen for indoor applications has a broad scope of usage. Conventionally, they are designed to exhibit clear visuals in a small crowd and give the audience a full-delighted viewing experience.

A theater is often a dim, tiny room where films and movie marathons occur. Theaters usually have only minimal seats to accommodate only a tiny audience. In this regard, an HD LED screen gives the audience the utmost enjoyment while watching a movie. Also, the HD LED screen allows a 3D effect and goes with the music and video effects.

Most hotels and restaurants prefer an HD LED screen as an information display, except for large hotel lobbies and crowded resto. Thus, an HD LED screen can brighten the vicinity and radiate good service, accommodation, and experience.

Conventional exhibits in a museum include the use of artifacts and historical matters. However, since these things are highly valued, some museums prefer showing them through an LED screen instead of actual viewing. In this case, you can use an HD LED screen to detail well and precisely deliver historical data to a large or small audience.

High Resolution LED Screen

Monitoring various CCTV cameras is troublesome if you have multiple monitors and few staff to do the duty. Besides, with an HD LED screen, you can see sets of camera monitors in a large video giving you details of every corner of the vicinity you are watching.

  • Offices and Establishments. 

In significant buildings and corporations, many conferences take place every hour. Also, a good relay of the message is vital in a meeting. Hence, an HD LED screen can make information sharing even more effective and achievable.

YUCHIP: A Professional High-Resolution LED Panel Provider

YUCHIP is a leading global LED display provider; our products are now in more than 100 countries.

We believe you can always bring an extraordinary feeling to your viewers by using a High-Resolution LED Panel. Our HD LED screen’s quality is excellent and is manifested in the great feedback we receive from our clients.

Also, we adhere to help countries to go upon advancement and technologies.
For more information, please visit; https://www.yuchip-led.com or contact us at manager@yuchip.com.

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