YUCHIP Indoor Ultra HD LED Display

Indoor Ultra HD LED Display

Indoor Ultra HD LED Display sets the new standard for indoor display. It uses high-quality LEDs to achieve a high-resolution display.

Also, it has an ultra-wide viewing angle making it ideal for an average size audience. Besides, its high refresh rate ensures perfect display performance, thus meeting the live broadcast requirements.

Indoor HD LEDs adhere to the perfect structural design in every area, location, and purpose.


YUCHIP, China’s leading LED screen solutions manufacturer, ventures to give individuals the leveled experience they want.  So to continuously upgrade our service, we keep on innovating our products through integrating the latest technology.

Indoor HD LEDs Features

Our Indoor HD Display series includes P1.25, P1.56, P1.875, P2.5.  Below are the main features:

YUCHIP P1.25 HD LED Screen Shines In Germany 2
YUCHIP P1.25 HD LED Screen in Germany
  1. 16:9 ratio of width and height, which can combine easily.
  2. Seamless stitching, ultra-wide view angle; therefore, both sides’ do not suffer.
  3. With low brightness and high gray level (16bit), color depth with a 65,536 grayscale for each R, G, B, high color revivification degree.
  4. A pure image with superb gradation brings a delicate display effect.
  5. It can be maintained from the front side using a magnet, making it more convenient to install and maintain.
  6. Indoor HD LEDs have a high refresh rate of up to 3840Hz.
  7. Lightweight; weight ranges from 3 to 7.8 kg per cabinet with anti-skid handle for easy transporting, loading, and unloading.
  8. High Precision 400X300 die-cast aluminum panel, seamless assemble easy work for installation.
  9. It has a 4000:1 contrast rate and 256-grade automatic brightness control.
  10. It uses the following control system; VAG, DVI Card, Control Cards, Transmission Cables.

The technology in LED will continue to evolve. Thus, it encourages tight competition in the market. Besides indoor HD LEDs, outdoor displays will also have their breakthrough in the latter.

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