YUCHIP New LED Poster Digital Advertising Display

Digital advertising displays have emerged well, bringing more and more innovations to the market.  They involve the use of technology and utilize them to benefit investors, businesses, and brands.  And one digital advertising display flourishing now is the LED Poster.

YUCHIP New LED Poster Digital Advertising Display

These days, they are almost everywhere, like in big shopping malls and other public establishments.

So, if you’re a mall-goer and city-person, for sure, you’ve seen some which often display brands of shoes, luxury bags, trendy tops and trousers, famous make-up, and many more.

Besides advertising products, it can also provide information about other establishments like menus in a restaurant, promos, and package deals of spas and salons—even discounts and sale mechanics of domestic and international travels.

And to mention as well, they are also in some government facilities in which uses to facilitate proper information dissemination, schedule, guide or steps for transactions and important announcements.


So, if you’re a business-geek and you want to improve your advertising strategy, it is decision-wise and cost-effective to invest in LED Posters. Below are the product features you should check.

YUCHIP LED Poster Digital Advertising Main Features

LED Poster
LED Poster

1. High-definition, high reliability, and indoor P2, P2.5, and P3 pixel pitch optional.

2. Lightweight aluminum cabinet measures 1880mm(W)x800mm(W)x80mm(T) and weights of a total of 45kg per unit.

3. Wi-Fi, USB, and RJ45 control methods are available; thus, more straightforward controlling.

4. Transportable cabinet, slim movable, and bracket angle adjustable.

5. It has a long life-span, usually up to 10 years. Thus, you have the longest time to get the return of investment.

6. Visible under sunlight. Therefore, the LED poster is visible to viewers even if the sunlight is extreme in your storefront.

In the vast market product industry, you need to strategize your advertising technique from time to time. So, you don’t just cater to your target audience but keep your brand in a very advanced status.


Thus, if you’re thinking about purchasing one, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com.

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