YUCHIP P2 Indoor Rental HD LED Display

P2 Indoor Rental HD LED Display

Yuchip P2.0 HD Indoor And Rental Full Color LED Display

LED, a technical term, becomes an everyday-term because of its popularity and number.

The term and the product itself is becoming more and more radiant in various part of the world.

YUCHIP, being in the LED industry for 17 years, has seen the vitality of LED in many sectors and industries. Thus, we continue to innovate our products to meet the market and client requirements all the time.

Be for indoor or outdoor; we have the best-LED type for your need. For example, we have the P2 indoor rental HD LED screen for your indoor and rental needs.

Among our indoor HD LED screens, P2 indoor gets high sales and popularity. Do you want to know why?

YUCHIP P2 Indoor Rental Screen Advantages

YUCHIP P2 Indoor HD SMD LED Display
YUCHIP P2 Indoor HD SMD LED Display

Technical Features

  • Pixel Pitch: 2mm
  • Cabinet Size: 512mm x 512mm
  • Resolution: 250,000 dots/sqm
  • Brightness : 1,200 nits/sqm
  • Grayscale: 13 bit-16 bit
  • Refresh: Up to 3840HZ
  • Warranty: 3 years


YUCHIP P2.0 HD Indoor and Rental Display have the following advantages:

  • Low Brightness and High Grey

We designed it specifically for indoor use to protect your eyes while enjoying an HD experience.

  • Perfect High Precise Design

There’s no need for a fan for heat dissipation; therefore, no fan, no noise.

P2.0 Indoor HD LED Screen 4
P2.0 Indoor HD LED Screen
  • High-refresh Rate

Our PCB, IC, and control system are perfectly combined to achieve a pleasing effect. Thus, it ensures better viewing and better display all the time.

  • Wide Applications

Not only for own use, but it can also be for rental as well. You can extend your income through leasing services.

The cabinet and the overall design allow you to use it for an indoor event or rental ones.

Along with these advantages, YUCHIP also customizes LEDs according to your needs. If you have questions about indoor and rental displays, please give us a heads up or visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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