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TRT iPoster P2.5: Advantages And Installation Methods



Part of YUCHIP‘s continuous pursuit of technological advancement is its product innovation. For outdoor billboards, use increased significantly, and to meet the never-ending and ever-changing demand in the market, YUCHIP embarks on another journey with LED iPoster P2.5.

LED iPoster P2.5 is portable and easy to control, designed for LED Display indoor applications in a shopping malls, retail shops, brand chain stores, hotels, exhibitions, events, etc.


Generally, it is lightweight and very convenient to control and operate. And it can support asynchronous mode, WiFi mode, USB mode, and 4G control, making it feasible for small entrepreneurs.

Because of its vast influence and outstanding features, customers are starting to patronize it, making it more valuable. Thus, learning about the TRT iPoster advantages and installation methods is essential to further your knowledge about this product.

YUCHIP LED TRT iPoster Advantages

We designed LED products to help businesses and individuals, specifically in branding and getting higher market value. And for each LED type comes specific advantages that customers need to realize.

Here are a few.

iPoster P2.5

  • Size

It generally has a thin size, making it easier to splice, plus it has a wide viewing angle. Also, its slim size allows flexible use in different environments and applications. The size, however, may vary, and customization is applicable.

  • Lightweight

Transporting, portable, and movable is effortless, saving significant money and workforce. Moreover, mobility features are one of the factors that you and every user should consider.

  • Excellent Visual

The refresh rate is up to 3840Hz, thus providing viewers with a superior display experience. The Transtech iPoster has high brightness and clear visuals necessary for various environments and applications.

  • Control System

It supports synchronous and asynchronous control systems, and you can update contents thru iPad, phone, computer, or laptop in real-time. Also, it utilizes quality components such as video processors from trusted partners. Also, if you prefer to create a vast size screen using numbers of iPoster 2.5, here’s a guide and a video for cascading multiple iPoster displays.

  • Adjustable Back Bracket

The bracket makes the iPoster flexible to use. You can use the frame for different installation methods.

  • Variety Of Choice

Its resolution is available in P1.875, P2.5, and P3. We can also customize the LED Transtech iPoster size according to your preference.

iPoster P2.5 Installation Methods

Like other indoor LEDs, LED iPosters also have various installation methods.

Therefore, YUCHIP designed the digital LED iPoster P2.5 with optional installation ways: a 90-degree stand, movable wheels, and wall-mounted, hanging installation options. Below are illustrations.

Transtech iPoster


iPoster Movable Wheels
Movable Wheels


Wall-mounted Installation
Wall-mounted Installation


Hanging Installation
Hanging Installation

If you’re a mall-goer, you’ve probably seen these in retail and brand stores and when there’s a product promotional event.

These are helpful, especially to owners, to properly use the product and make various display methods. In this way, it will attract customers and significantly decorate the whole premise itself.

YUCHIP: A Trusted iPoster P2.5 Provider

TRT iPoster

YUCHIP is an experienced and trusted iPoster P2.5 manufacturer from China.

Our TRT iPoster screens have reached numerous countries in the world.

We started in 2004 and are now 17 years in the industry, and we take pride in providing you with only reliable and quality products for your needs.

Besides the Transtech iPoster, we have other products and solutions such as flexible screens, LED posters, transparent, museums, 3D displays, schools, hospitality, and more.

For more details about the TRT iPoster P2.5 price, visit us at or

Also, here are a few links you may visit for some informative readings.

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