YUCHIP P6 Indoor High Resolution LED Display Screen

High-resolution, these days, has obtained a fine reputation in the world. Due to its marketable features and broad application scope, businesses and investors are switching to it.

Other than its multifunctionality, it offers various use depending on how a customer wants to use it. Often, for information and advertising industries.

YUCHIP, an LED Display manufacturer from China, has seen many changes like LCD use to LEDs. And because of outspreading need, we continue to alter our techniques to meet the progressing orders.

Therefore, to meet the requirements, we continue to innovate our products and integrate advanced technology.

On the other hand, it is also tough to keep going, but we strive to cultivate our brand for service and dedication. Our customers’ satisfaction eases every step we take in the vast field.

P6 Indoor High Resolution LED Display

As part of innovation, we continue to intensify the technology we use in every brand and product.

P6 Indoor High-Resolution LED Display is a type of LED Display for a variety of indoor applications. Ideal for home use but should put with a distance of the audience. However, this design for indoor commercial advertising or events is a massive display in showing videos, images, texts, and other content.

Its high resolution and color intensity make it even more fascinating and attractive. It utilizes SMD3528; SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device. The LED module size is 192x192mm, and Cabinet size: 960x960mm, respectively.

P6 Indoor HD LED Display Screen In Thailand
P6 Indoor High Resolution LED Display

P6 Indoor LED Display usually comes in 72sqm size. Its huge viewing angle allows a big audience to see details clearly, even at a distance or on sides. They are common in TV Stations, stage concerts and events, pageants, product launches, schools, concert-halls, odeums, etc.

Should you want to know more about our products, please visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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