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P8 LED Display Screen
P8 LED Display Screen

P8 Outdoor LED Module or P8 Outdoor Display is one of the most valuable LED module displays you could ever have.

With its balance pixel pitch from indoor and outdoor series, a P8 LED module has the perfect and ideal model for all sorts of environments.

Also, it comes with a more straightforward maintenance process that enables you to save time, budget, effort, and workforce.

This post will discuss the various features, advantages, usages, and other benefits you can get in investing in a P8 LED Module.


1. What Are P8 LED Screen Parameters And Specifications?


P8 LED means the distance between two LED pixels in one P8 LED module is 8mm. Take a 320mm (W) x 160mm (H) P8 LED module as an example; one P8 module has 40(W) x 20(H) pixels.


P8 LED Module Specification


Pixel Pitch(PH)


LED Module Size (mm*mm)




Scan Mode




Pixel Configuration

3 in 1

LED Lamps
Pixel Density(pixel/m²)



6500 – 7000

Max. Consumption(W/m²)


Ave. Consumption(W/m²)



Front / Rear

Cabinet Material

Steel /  Aluminum / Die-casting Aluminum

Front/Rear IP Level

IP65 / IP66

Color Contrast Ratio


Gray Grade


Refresh Frequency (Hz)

1920HZ / 3840HZ

Repetition Frequency (Hz)


View Angle (H/V)


Best Viewing Distance (m)


Working Voltage

AC110 / AC220V

Working Temperature (ºC)


Operation Humidity (RH)


Display Lifetime (hours)



2. What Are The Advantages Of Choosing a P8 LED Module For Your Project?


P8 Dual Maintenance Led Display
Dual Maintenance P8 LED
  1. Waterproof.  With its Front/Rear IP Level of 65-66, this LED display is waterproof. Applicable for both indoor and outdoor installations, you had no worries when uncertain weather occurred.
  2. Long Distance Viewing. The ideal viewing distance is 8m or less; the P8 LED Module Outdoor is enough to cover a large audience in concerts, conferences, programs, exhibits, rental events, etc.
  3. High Definition. Besides having a wide viewing angle, the content can also be played in a high definition mode bringing out colors, theme, perfection, and enjoyment.
  4. Better Heat Dissipation. A better heat dissipation indicates quality and an ideal digital craft. In the case of an LED module, it will not overheat nor be damaged due to too much heat under the sun when placed outdoors.
  5. Various Customization Options. Customizing also comes in a serviceable method. Using a computer, laptop, or tablet, you can easily edit, upload, change or delete content anywhere you are.
  6. Supports Different File Formats. It supports videos and almost all kinds of file formats such as WEBP, JPG, PNG, Video File Format, Multimedia, and a lot more.
  7. Maintenance. The screen maintenance comes in two-way, making it more trouble-free and more accessible, saving much effort and human resources.

3. What Are The Various Usages Of P8 Outdoor LED?


It has comprehensive usage options. You can use it through the following:

  • Perimeter Display
P8.0 Rental and Perimeter LED Display 1
Perimeter P8 LED Display

This type of LED can function as a perimeter display in big stadiums for sports like cricket, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, and badminton.

It displays different information about the match as a perimeter screen, for example, game scores, profiles of players, game outline or program, and time clock.

Also, it displays commercials and promotions, acknowledges sponsors and stakeholders from the audience.

Besides, it highlights some parts of the game and eases organizers in announcing in a big crowd. Moreover, it adds visual effects to the whole stadium or sports venue, making it more attractive and engaging.

Due to its vivid color and outdoor design, it can display advertisements even at a distance. Its cabinet size: 960*960mm, makes it ideal for billboard use or as an advertising medium in different locations.

Also, Truck LED Displays utilizes this type of LED. Truck LEDs are for advertising and building digital networks.

Since LEDs are in truck vehicles, they can move from one place to another. Therefore, allowing a large audience to see content and commercials with clear and vivid resolutions.

  • Video Wall Billboard
P8 Led Billboard
P8 LED Billboard

Viewing an international event or watching movies is a typical activity for most people. And to have the best experience, you should have a large screen for better viewing.

For conferences, concerts, stage performances, outdoor events, P8 outdoor LED fits them well.

Also, they can use for rental events. Because of its easy installation and transporting features, leasers can quickly bring them to different event venues.

It is an ideal choice for rental events. Rental events include indoor and outdoor areas such as concerts, trade shows, exhibits, conferences, product launches, school programs, stadiums, sports, etc.


4. Why Should I Purchase A LED Screen From YUCHIP?



YUCHIP is one of the trusted LED Display brands from China. With high competence, accomplishments, and expertise, YUCHIP is your best accomplice in attaining your different LED display needs and goals.

YUCHIP is a leading LED display manufacturer and supplier from Shenzhen, China, with almost 17 years of experience in the LED industry. We have wide LED display products and LED screen solutions and have delivered to 104 countries worldwide.

Our quality products partnered with high-grade spare parts includes transparent LED screen, indoor and outdoor LED screens, rental LED displays, flexible LED screen, 3D LED display, LED posters, and many more.

Behind our various achievements, we also acknowledged the people behind the products that we provide you. Our team comprises multiple skilled and highly-trained individuals, engineers, and marketing experts who will help you construct the perfect product for your project.

Alongside, we will help you brainstorm and choose the factors and parameters to carry out the specific output you prefer.

YUCHIP is delighted to help you leverage and strengthen your brand and product’s value through advertising, bring out the perfect view in your events, and a lot more.

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