YUCHIP Rental LED Display Panel Q Series Advantages And Maintenance

Rental LED Display Panel Q Series

LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series 1
YUCHIP Rental Screen Q Series


Rental LED Display Panel Q Series is one of our newest LED types. Like other LED series, it has an impressive design for its cabinet.

Its smart mechanism reduces assembly and disassembly time to a minimum.

Below are its advantages that you should check out.

  • Ultra HD Visual Effects

Its high definition and high contrast bring you picture-perfect quality, thus, more eye-catchy and attractive.

LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series
Rental Display Panel Q Series Cabinet
  • Design Structure

It utilizes a high-precision cast aluminum material, perfect splicing without gaps.

  • Smart Mechanism

You can install and disassemble the rental modules quickly; 15 seconds is the minimum time.

  • Creative Display

The cabinet connection makes either an arc or any shape to make a creative display.  You can customize and make different adjustments by changing the cabinet angle.

LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series
Bottom Sloping Mechanism
  • Protective Property

So, LEDs are costly, and you wouldn’t want transportation to harm or damage the device. It has a protective part at the bottom to avoid collision and maintain stability, especially when in use.

  • Quick Maintenance

The front and rear maintenance make it convenient for checking the parts to ensure the LEDs’ best performance.


LEDs have a long life span, and in the long run, it needs maintenance to keep its best performance. Thus, let us show you the front and rear care of this rental Q series.

  • Front Maintenance

You can quickly check the parts through front maintenance. It is with the use of a special magnet that can promptly unload the module from the cabinet. Besides, it is ideal for fixed and wall-mounted installation.

  • Rear Maintenance

For hanging, movable, and standing installations, rear maintenance is suitable. Unlike the front, back maintenance allows you to see the receiving card, power cables, and other wires, especially if there is a significant problem in the LED module.

Should you have questions and inquiries, please message us at manager@yuchip.com or visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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