YUCHIP Rental LED Display Screen And Its Features

Rental LED Display Screen


Rental LEDs have paved their way to the market. Its wide application is becoming more and more popular among occasional events, business affairs, sports events, etc., for instance, in concerts, stage performances, festivals and cultural events, conferences, discos, and other indoor or outdoor activities.

Rental LEDs are beneficial both for LED owners and leasers.

For LED owners, leasing LEDs for events extends their profit and revenues. While for leaders, it gives them convenience because they don’t have to buy one. It saves them money, especially if the events they’re organizing happen only seasonally and not for daily use.

Rental LED Display Screen Features

In this post, we will look through distinguishing features of Rental LED Display Screens.

  1. Cabinet Front and Rear

Cabinet’s front and rear designs are, especially for rental use.

  1. LED Module

The LED Module has easy transport features for fast-moving and transferring of units.

  1. Cabinet Features


– Back Cap

– Power Supply and Control Card

– Aluminum Cabinet

– Modules

  1. Cabinet Size

Rental Led Display Standard cabinet size L480mm*H480mm*T80mm and standard modules for P4, P5, P6 LED displays. Thus, it’s effortless for users to convert P6 modules to P4, P5 modules, it saves costs.

Also, lightweight, slim, and fashionable design, unit cabinet weight is 9kg while thickness is 80mm in total.

  1. Installation

It has optional installation modes, hoisting, wall mount, standard structure, etc.

  1. LED Display Connection

Rental Led Display has a high refresh frequency for TV studios and live-broadcasting that exceeds 4000HZ, ensuring fidelity images free of flickering;

  1. Product Features

YUCHIP Rental LED Display Screen And Its Features Outdoor LED Display Rental F Series– It has a high refresh rate with adjustable software.

– High grayscale with superior color uniformity.

– Comes with a high contrast ratio with a brilliant performance.

– Wide viewing angle and vivid image show.

– High mechanical precise, smooth, and gapless surface.

– Easy connection with novel rotatable locks.

– High-efficiency die-casting aluminum heat radiating.

– Low power consumption, thus less temperature increase.

– High reliability and long life span.

–  Easy to assemble and disassemble, fast installation.

  1. LED Display Aging 

Rental LEDs undergo an aging test to ensure their performance before delivering it to the clients.

  1. Transport Package

The fast lock enables the user to fast assemble and disassemble each cabinet with 30 seconds. Each quick-lock can
undertake a 200kg weight when hoisting. It makes the whole screen keep flat.

Also, they come with transport boxes to make sure LEDs are safe while traveling.


Should you want to invest in rental LEDs, please contact us or visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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