YUCHIP Rental LED Display Cabinet Fast Installation

Rental Display Screen

Rental LEDs, being convenient and go-to display, have alleviated in the market. Its flexibility of use, transportability, and other features allow LED owners to lease them for temporary use.

Like billboards and other advertising displays, rental LEDs are almost there where events happen, seasonally or occasionally.

Aside from those, rental LEDs are also very in-demand, extending owners’ profits and revenues. So you can use it for your purpose, and when not, you can lease them to others. Pretty advantageous.

Rental LED Display Cabinet Fast Installation

Rental LED Display cabinet is specialized for rental use; thus, its features vary in some ways from standard fixed, indoor and outdoor LEDs.

Like other LEDs in YUCHIP, rental LEDs have a high refresh rate, high brightness, and high contrast; thus, picture colors are without flicker and distortion.

Outdoor LED Display Rental F Series
Rental LED


Rental LEDs have a quick installation and easier maintenance. It has a patented interlocking system, magnetic docking fastening module for fast and easy swapping of any module.

Also, it comes with an anti-skid handle for easy handling; thus, making it convenient for different events and occasions.

Besides, you can choose 500mm*500mm and 500mm*1000mm Cabinet. All cabinets have a die-cast aluminum design, making them lightweight and easy to handle. Cabinet weight is only about 7.5KG.

Other than easy installation, rental LEDs are also energy-saving and have a long life span. It also has a high mechanical, smooth and gapless surface. Besides, its wide-viewing angle makes it ideal for a large audience without making both sides suffer.

Rental LEDs are now becoming known in the world. Thus, for sure, its technology will continue to develop now and then. Its vast applications from malls, gatherings, conferences, annual events, parties, concerts, etc., make it more profitable for LED owners.

LED Screen Outdoor Rental Q Series
Rental LED Back view

LEDs have started embarking everywhere, so we look forward to more innovations and integration.

Should you have questions, please visit our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

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