How advantageous is it?


High resolution.

It gives everyone access to clear and vivid images and videos. Its high-resolution display lets people see incredible detail of contents. Therefore, making commercials, videos, products’ photos visible even at a distance.

Low-power consumption.

Its energy-saving features let small business owners be worry-free of electricity charges and bills. Unlike huge LED Displays, this is more affordable and beneficial to start-up businesses like cafes and cellphone shops, etc.

P6 Indoor Flexible LED Display 1
Indoor Flexible LED Display
Light and thin.

Therefore, more comfortable to carry and convenient. Perfect for transporting and changing locations.

Customized shape.

Its bendable screen lets customers use it according to their preference. We also provide size ranges to meet your LED Display needs.

Larger view angle.

Its flexibility and softness create a more extensive view angle, ideal for crowded places. It is used commonly as banners in some shopping malls, disco bars, small stores, etc.

As one of the leading LED display manufacturers, our commitment to market products is for various use. And cater not only to big companies but also small and start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. Helping firms at a time regarding advertisements is our common goal, to alleviate and promote our clients’ products.

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