YUCHIP Stadium LED Display Billboard In India


India is a South Asian country. And it is the seventh-largest country by land area and is the most populous democracy in the world. The Indian economy was nominally the fifth-largest economy by market exchange rates worth $2.9 trillion. Thus, India is considered one of the world’s fastest-developing countries.

The nation has these three growing industries; automotive, pharmaceutical, and telecommunication. Because of their exporting, global pharmaceutical contributions, and digital market, their economy made a boom and continued to progress.

Undeniably, India is known for its love for cultural activities, religious gatherings, and sports events. When it comes to being a fan, they hold the biggest fan for cricket and some ball games. Also, you can see it in their large stadiums, which are anywhere in the country.


Stadium LED Display Billboard In India


Since Indians are big fans of sports, they asked for our service to give them a suitable solution for their need.

Biggest Stadium LED Display in India for Cricket Stadium
Biggest Stadium LED Display in India for Cricket Stadium

Therefore, YUCHIP provided an outdoor P16 Stadium LED Display Billboard in India and its biggest Stadium LED.

Project information is as follows;

1. P16 1RGB;
2. LED billboard size: 18.432m x 9.984m; 185sqm
3. Display resolution: 1152 x 624 pixels;
4. Signal input: SDI and HDMI via video processor;
5. Communication method: Single-mode fiber optic;
6. Display application: Live broadcast and LED scoreboard.

Thus, we mainly installed the LED Billboard in Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, its main cricket stadium.

It is also located in Uppal and has a seating capacity of 55,000, and extends across 16 acres (65,000 m2) of land.

Due to its size, it can hold many spectators making it very popular across the globe. Besides, it has saved hundreds of international cricket events with participating teams from around the world.

We, YUCHIP, take it as a pleasure to serve and provide clients for their international and various events.

Also, should you want to learn more about the P16 LED screen, here are some links you may check.


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