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Transparent Glass LED Display, Features, And Applications


Transparent Glass LED Display, from the words themselves, means a type of LED with “see-through” or translucent visuals. It is also called a glass LED Display because of its looking-like glass properties. Thus, it allows viewers to see objects behind the display. It’s either for indoor advertising, science exhibit, etc.


Without knowing the features of the display yet, you can imagine it’s very cost-efficient. It may be a massive investment because the glass display price is astonishingly higher than typical transparent screens.

As a viewer, seeing one gives you positive connotations and perspectives towards technology and the brands and products featured. Thus, it benefits you implicitly.

And to further your knowledge about Transparent LED Displays, let us expound on their features and applications.

Glass LED Display Features

It has easy maintenance and is visible outside, especially if your store faces the sunlight. With a more creative store outlook, people can see your display even in the daytime, catching everyone’s attention.

Also, it consumes very little space. For hanging installation, the vertical or horizontal bars are thin and would not eat up visual space; however, you may install the lights directly on the wall for fixed installation.

  • Customization Available

Transparent LEDs have complex structures; however, the standard cabinet couldn’t meet all projects’ needs. However, we can customize the best product solution according to your actual situation.

Also, we may perform a site visit to ensure the permeability of the transparent LED video wall, completeness of display, and consistency.

Glass LED Display

  • Environment-friendly And Energy-saving

There is no need for an air-conditioner for heat dissipation; therefore, it saves much energy and electricity, especially since energy conservation is becoming a crucial topic among digital technology equipment.

You may also adjust the brightness; make it more contrast in the morning and smooth at night. It reduces light pollution and avoids accidents caused by too much light, like in conventional LED types.

  • Ultra-Transparency

Permeability is 60% -90% and translucent ventilation does not affect the lighting and sightline. Thus, it’s very suitable for installing glass walls.

  • Control System

You can use an available controlling device like wifi and a computer. Also, you can use remote control through the network.

  • Lightweight

It’s only 10 mm thick, and the screen weighs around 10-12 kg. Hence, installation or dismantling is way more accessible and more convenient.

  • Cost-effective

There is no need for a steel frame structure; therefore, it is cost-effective, saving significant money.

YUCHIP Glass LED Display Applications

The transparent glass display has a handful of lists of where to use it. For decorative use, advertising, or information, glass LED display stands out among the crowd, and digital LEDs are nearby.

YUCHIP is a professional Glass LED Display Manufacturer, and we’ve manufactured glass LED screens for various countries worldwide.

Glass Display Price

Different establishments and public centers use transparent screens. But because of its practical effect, it is frequently used in large shopping malls and famous stores to display trendy and branded fashionable products.

Generally, you can use glass displays in hospitality areas such as hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. Also, you can apply them in museums, stage events, outdoor or indoor occasions, retail stores, transportation locations, etc.

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