YUCHIP Transparent LED Screen And Advantages

Transparent LED Screen


Multiple Transparent LED Screen Applications
Transparent LED

A transparent LED display is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to display content in style without blocking out light or both sides’ view.

This effect is potent when integrated into a glass facade; it helps customers focus on glass architecture without detracting from the overall design.

Its inherent transparency offers a refreshing and ideal solution for hi-tech environments, dazzling audiences, and spectators.

The creative use of such technology ensures that your business, brand, or message will not only be noticed but hard to forget.


Transparent LED Screens are almost hitting sales worldwide. Do you wonder why?

Transparent LED Screen And Advantages

If you’re a business owner who wants to give an exceptional view of your store, then you’ve come across the best product. Let me help you deepen your knowledge about it.

  • Optional Model

You can choose from different pixel pitches; P2.8, P3.91, P7.8, P10.4, and more.

Multiple Transparent LED Screen Applications
  • Ultra-Transparent

Permeability is 60% -90%, translucent, and the ventilation does not affect the lighting and sightline.

  • Thin and Light

With its thin and lightweight features, you can install and disassemble them easily. Thus, it requires only a small workforce.

  • Indoor Installation for Outdoor Viewing

There’s no need to worry about whether your audience can see the content vividly. You can install it indoors, but it is still evident for outside viewing. It’s best if you’re struggling with sunlight in front of your store.

Multiple Transparent LED Screen Applications
Arc-shaped Transparent LED
  • Available for Customization

YUCHIP accepts customization to meet your particular needs.

  • Energy-saving

Unlike conventional LEDs, it requires very minimal power or electricity. Perhaps, if you use them all day long, it wouldn’t burden your bills.

  • Cost-effective

One thing you look into a product is whether it’s a worthwhile investment. With transparent LEDs, your business will surely get into a more amicable status and sales.

For more details, visit our website: https://www.yuchip-led.com or contact us at manager@yuchip.com.

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