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P7.8 Transparent LED Display for Europe Chain Stores


What is a transparent LED display?

A transparent LED Display is a type of LED display that has a crystal clear LED screen. Because it is evident, viewers can see what’s behind it. Thus, its “see-through” or translucent feature makes it classy and suitable for indoor advertising.

It is another fruit of technology, edging newly launched LED display types. Besides, it also brings out revolutionary inventions and advancements.

Maybe, you’ve seen one in some science-fiction movies. Or in some very high-tech establishments. Undeniably, LED displays keeps on evolving from time to time. And it is now the best option for commercial and advertising purposes.

P7.8 Transparent LED Display and features


The transparent LED panel uses more advanced software and systems, so it is evident that it cost a more significant amount than other LED displays.

Besides, it’s for commercial and advertising and personal use, but you have to consider some things. In this post, we will overlay to you our P7.8 translucent screen.

What are its features?

  • Ultra-Transparent

Permeability is 60% -90%, translucent, ventilation, and does not affect the lighting and sightline.

Multiple Transparent LED Screen Applications
Multiple Transparent LED Panel Applications
  • Indoor installation for outdoor viewing

Easy to maintenance, safe, fewer approval processes than outdoor advertising.

  • Lightweight

It’s only 10 mm thick, and the screen weighs around 10-12 kg.

  • Environment-friendly and energy-saving

No need for an air-conditioner for heat dissipation; therefore, it saves much energy and electricity.

  • Control system

Make use of an available controlling device like wifi and computer.

  • Customized shape

We can make it according to the shape you prefer, like square, cylinder, curve, etc. 

  • Less light pollution

You can adjust the LED transparent display brightness; make it contrast in the morning and smooth at night. It reduces light pollution and avoids accidents caused by too much light like in conventional LED display screen types.

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