What Is Billboard Advertising And Why Choose A Media Façade?



Billboard Advertising

Have you walked the streets and noticed advertisements posted on walls, giant paper posters in stores, or massive billboards along super highways and national roads? Or have you seen video ads while riding the train or bus showing various brands endorsed by famous stars and influencers? If yes, then you have seen a billboard advertising.

Today, we can’t deny that not only big cities utilize huge advertising media. Even small areas also have them in various forms and media façades.

This article will discuss billboards advertising, the advantages of digital billboard advertising, its cost, and some standard terms.

What Is Billboard Advertising?

Advertising is a professional way of endorsing and producing advertisements for products and services. It comes in various forms, such as magazines, newspapers, etc. However, these were before billboards were introduced. Today, through the help of technology, advertising comes in an easier and more effective method.

How Much Does Digital Billboard Advertising Cost

A billboard is a massive outdoor structure that looks like a giant poster or a vast outdoor LED screen that plays advertisements for several brands and services. Therefore, billboard advertising is a large-scale billboard structure that solely advertises multiple brands, products, services, and solutions. The reason for its typical huge size is to make its content more visible to the audience even from a far distance.

Billboard advertising is often located in crowded areas such as traffic zones, superhighways, along big malls and stores. It is to serve content best and let more viewers be aware of the brand in the ads.

Types Of Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is a general term for a large outdoor structure designed for advertising. Here are the types of billboard advertising.

Painted/ Illustration

Painted Advertising

Painted billboards seem like a traditional advertising method. You can typically see them on some vast walls on the streets, usually promoting a film, a new artist’s album, a brand, or a service. With its artistic and colorful presentation, it easily captures passers-by. However, being typically exposed to sunlight and rain, the colors may quickly fade, and you may need to change or repaint them from time to time. Also, changing content costs another set of tools, effort, and time.


Mobile Billboard Advertising

A mobile billboard is the posters or painted ads you usually see on trucks, buses, or taxis. Using a mobile billboard can be your key to promoting your brand as the vehicle moves. It makes an expansive and broader audience reach.


Types Of Billboard Advertising

Before we used LED screens for huge billboard frames, posters set advertising high first. A poster billboard or a static billboard is usually made out of vinyl material rolled either horizontally or vertically. It is often re-installed after extreme weather conditions since it may fall when a strong wind hits it.


Benefits Of Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital billboard advertising is the newest face of billboard advertising. It is with the use of substantial outdoor digital devices like an LED screen to play various ads and videos. The content or ads are displayed through software and a computer and are the most entertaining advertising method. Digital billboards are more effective as they can reach various audiences and raise brand sensitivity for better profit and sales.

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Billboard Advertising?

Digital billboard advertising is a revolutionary method of advertising today. Many firms, businesses, and brands have switched to digital billboards as they offer them numerous benefits and advantages. Here are a few.

Digital Billboard Advertising

  1. Huge And Eye-catching. Because of this typical vast size, digital billboards are visible and catchy to human eyes. It can easily capture the attention of passers-by and target audiences. Also, a proper combination of rightness, contrast, and other color ratios makes its content more entertaining and visually pleasing.
  2. Multi-locational Usage. You cannot only apply them to billboard frames alone. Digital billboards are also adaptive to various locations such as supermarkets, parking lots, toll stations, schools, malls, rural areas, and many more.
  3. Waterproof. Unlike other types of billboard advertising, the digital billboard is safe from rain or sunlight. Compared to static or poster billboards, you don’t have to dismantle them when heavy wind or precipitation occurs. They are safely installed, sturdy, and can stand various weather conditions.
  4. Compelling Advertisements And Brand Recall. We can’t deny that we can easily remember the ads we see on the billboard. Many people connote advertising as a public trust. Therefore, they will also buy or purchase the product from the ads. Digital billboard indeed makes effective brand recall.
  5. Dynamic  And Picturesque Content. Uploading and ever-changing content is never a hassle if you have a digital billboard. Unlike painted or static billboards, a digital billboard can present dynamic and new-to-the-eye content. For example, it can play ads for brand apparel in the morning, have some food blog in the afternoon, and hotel and restaurant recommendations at night. Above all, if you’re the operator, you’ve got all the means to keep the advertising lively.
  6. Higher ROI. The simple equation goes like this, a better advertising method makes a broader audience reach, and a wider audience reach makes higher profit and sales. Digital billboard advertising is undoubtedly a key for your brand to reach a height in the market and its respective field.

How To Choose The Best Media Façade For Advertising?

Are you thinking of applying digital technology to your business through advertising? Or would you want to utilize a media façade to gain better profits through advertisements?

What is a media façade? A media façade is an outdoor lighting device such as an LED screen that is installed in the exterior layer of a building. This outdoor device is a dynamic palette presenting texts, ads, videos, or images. Now, here are tips on how to choose the best media façade for advertising.

Cost Of Digital Billboard Advertising

  1. Know What You Are Advertising. Before deciding what type of digital media outlet you will install, you need to know what you will advertise firsthand. Know what kind of brands could be your possible clients (if you’re an operator or an advertising company) or what type of ads will be played on your device. It is to determine what kind of outdoor LED screen design you’ll have, pixel pitch, etc.
  2. Be Location-wise. The location plays a vital role in whether it is feasible to build a billboard frame in the area. Is the site corrosive, has a tiny space for billboard frame, crowded, or not very occupied? Will the content be visible, considering if malls and tall buildings are nearby? Also, the location may determine if you need a lighter LED screen or a regular one.
  3. Responsible And Safe Design. Safety is vital all the time. LED screens, incredibly huge outdoor LED displays, are typically composed of around 15-20 kg cabinets interconnected to form the vast screen. When we talk about safe designing, it encompasses the questions like what type of installation support it’ll need. Will it require frequent maintenance or only when needed?
  4. Be Creative And Interactive. Advertising, while entertaining, that’s how digital billboard works for most of us. It imparts the brand and band sensitivity towards the audience while making meaningful interaction with our eyes. You can have digital billboards in different designs and even apply optical illusions such as 3D displays, etc.

How Much Does Digital Billboard Advertising Cost?

Digital advertising surely needs some huge budget allotment. Firstly because it uses an LED device or digital device that makes dynamic content for the audience. But on a typical note, advertising through billboards can cost around 750 USD to 14,000 USD; it may vary.

But before scratching your head, let us know first how you can possibly attain digital billboard advertising. Here are factors that determine the possible cost of digital billboard advertising.

Billboard Advertising Cost

  1. Demographics. It refers to the age, gender, and income capacities of the traffic or the people who pass through the billboards on a regular basis. This series of information can be gathered from local offices and other concerned agencies.
  2. Impressions. It talks about the number of potential viewers who sees your billboard. This can be associated with knowing the billboard’s size, visibility range, traffic, distance from roads and streets, and determining the circulation.
  3. Circulations. The circulation refers to the weekly total of people who pass by your billboard. You can have them by asking local transportation authorities and local offices.

Billboard advertising costs vary in locations, population size, and human movement. Take this as an example, if you leave in a city where a large audience passes through every day, this makes a higher billboard advertising cost. The demographics are considerably high, and so impressions and circulations could be high as well. However, on a side note, putting your ads or renting a space for advertising in a likewise environment can easily boost your business. It can greatly help you achieve better brand awareness among your target audience and get higher ROI in your field.

Where Can I Find A Reliable Partner For Billboard Advertising Needs?

Billboards Advertising

If you’re an advertising enthusiast and own an advertising company that renders renting services for ads to business individuals, we are the best partner for you.

We design the firmest and most reliable LED screens for digital billboard advertising. We have a great range of products you can choose from such as outdoor LED screens, flexible LED screens, 3D naked-eye LEDs, and transparent, rentals, and provide the most affordable services.

YUCHIP makes sure to take into account the design you prefer, give you the exact size and render the best software to ease your operation. So, what are you waiting for? Request a quote today and let’s talk about the digital billboard advertising you desire.


Digital Advertising

Digital billboard advertising is surely a very effective method than other traditional ones. It may be costly considering the equipment, design, and impact, but it’ll surely help you excel in business.

Should you have further questions and inquiries, please leave us a message at manager@yuchip.com.

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