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Where Is The New Market Blue Ocean Of Transparent LED Screens?


The transparent LED display screen is still in silence, although its market has been hot in recent years. Its high price has discouraged most users; thus, it is still not yet widely developed in many application areas.

Meanwhile, considering its production cost, after-sales service, and market promotion are many issues that urgently need to be solved.

YUCHIP Transparent LEDs in Malls
What Makes Transparent LEDs Stand Out?
  • Creative Visual Experience

Also, high-tech parks, high-tech enterprises, etc., focusing more on creating a place of technology and innovation, transparent LED screens play video ads, brand, corporate promotion, and it can generate brand markers invisible rendering of corporate innovation.

Thus, the cultural atmosphere of advancing with the times has increased people’s “impression points.”

In high-end commercial shopping malls, and other leisure and entertainment places, transparent LED displays can become a creative selling point. And it increases consumption by its fashionable and avant-garde appearance.

  • Fashion Creativity Shows Demand

Because of its high transparency, the transparent LED wall can quickly create an intelligent, translucent aesthetic, and its visual clarity, LED self-illumination. Other characteristics also bring fashion, technology, and futuristic.

In the field of creative display, high-end production is becoming more and more popular. For example, in the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show and Guangzhou Auto Show, major auto brands’ booths used transparent LED displays.

Many auto brands choose transparent LED electronic screens to decorate the stalls and play car advertisements, highlighting the car’s brand. Avant-garde and technological sense.

  • It Consolidates Market Results.
Multiple Transparent LED Screen Applications
Transparent LED Screens In Leisure Establishments

Although the fine LED display has a high permeability, beautiful appearance, and other characteristics, this does not mean there is no disadvantage.

In particular, the current new display devices are also continually upgrading and developing.

Market awareness should have a strong foundation since transparent LED displays are still limited. Under this, the latest products can enter the market to compete with the fine LED display.

To pursue high transparency, transparent LED displays are at the expense of high-density, high-definition displays to a certain extent, which means that it is difficult to go further in the field of close-range production.

However, the transparent LED display is more suitable for installing the stage or outdoor building’s glass wall according to its characteristics.

We believe that LED transparent screens will usher in the stage of rapid development. Outdoor glass curtain walls and stage applications will provide a broad market for fine LED screens.

YUCHIP P7.8 Transparent LED Screen Aging Test



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