How Did The XR LED Wall Slowly Phased Out The Green Screen?


1. Introduction


We often hear the term “green screen” from filming producers, TV shows, and movie enthusiasts. Some of us have also seen what green screen studios look like. However, not all know how it works and why film creators utilize it.

Firstly, let us know what a green screen is. The green screen is a lead element in television and film production. It goes through the chroma keying process in which film producers combine foregrounded action with a filmed or a fabricated background.

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Green Screen

The method works by filming actors in various scenes and clips on a bright green screen backdrop. Different software and visual effects applications replace the green background with colored and realistic background effects.

Before green screens, film producers also utilized blue screens in the 1930s. But later on, it transitioned into the green screen we have today. Now, why is it green, not red or other colors? The most straightforward answer would be that green is distant from human skin tones and also because green isn’t typically used as the color or costume of a prop.

Today, the green screen has been slowly phasing out the film productions. And the new replacement is the XR LED wall. XR LED wall is a product application of extended reality.

In this article, let us unfold more information about extended reality and how XR LED wall slowly phases out the green screen.


2. What Is Extended Reality?


Extended Reality or XR is an umbrella term that encompasses various new and developing technologies. Its key elements are virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. And to best understand what XR technology is, let us dive into its essential features. Also, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of them by visiting this page; XR LED Screen.

  • Virtual

Virtual environments put users into simulated or virtual environments. It can happen through headphones, fully immersing a gamer in the gaming world. The sound accompanied by the visual effects from a monitor in a physical room makes up virtual reality.

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Mixed Reality
  • Augmented

Augmented reality makes an exhilarating experience. It happens when a rendered image is presented in the real world. Some examples are games such as Pokemon Go which shows computer-rendered monsters motionless or moving in streets as gamers or players looking for them as part of the game.

The AR is made possible with the help of phones, tablets, and computers, bringing out a more interactive experience to users.

  • Mixed

The mixed reality is an absolute combination of real-world experience and rendered graphics. It combines AR and VR on a side-to-side method making a more viewer-rich experience, more deep feeling, and more interactive.

MR can happen in two ways; mixing the real world with the virtual world or the virtual world into the real world. Some examples of MR are Snapchat filters, virtual makeups, and films like Jumanji, where the story takes place in a virtual environment.


3. How Does XR LED Wall Ease Filming Compared To Green Screens?


Green screen has been the top partner of many film producers over the years. Many of our favorite movies were filmed using green screens. The changes of whether a film used a green screen or XR LED wall are not apparent by simply watching. But if we check on details and thoroughly investigate, we’ll see much difference in the output and process.

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XR Technology

Here are the differences.

  • Shadows 

The green screen leaves unwanted shadows; that’s why proper light and illumination are greatly needed. However, when these effects are applied, it often results in unrealistic views of images. Also, sometimes in the output, you’ll see characters or subjects on top of the background.

  • 3D Effects

Unlike green screens, the XR virtual production is directly connected to 3D software while filming. Therefore, it is easier to integrate various backgrounds, and filming can be done quickly.

  • Accurate Result

While curating or during the process of shooting clips, the 3D environment or effects are already pre-generated on computers. That’s why film producers or actors can immediately see the pre-result. They can decide to reshoot it or go ahead with the next scene. It saves time and effort in reversing into the same screen if a clip does not work or match film standards.

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Film Editing
  • Lighter Editing Process

The subjects in the scene or actors already know what the scene would look like. This way, it also lightens the editing efforts because of the realistic background in the LED video wall studio. Also, the LED screen studio further ignites actors’ enthusiasm to deliver worthy and quality acting for the film.

These changes are only a few noticeable differences that differentiate the XR LED wall from the green screen. If you’re a film producer thinking of a more compact, time-saving, and productive filming experience, the XR LED wall is indeed for you.


4. XR LED Wall Virtual Production Technology In The Coming Years


XR started from VR or virtual reality. And if we are to see how far it was developed over the years, it is, perhaps, already a mile. And undeniably, XR makes our lives more exciting. It makes a more pleasant feeling when we touch our digital devices. It makes games fun, movies fantastic, and a user-rich experience.


And now, it has continuing development. The XR experiences through 5G from the cloud are part of its immersive evolution. Streaming using the cloud allows you to use XR devices and run their power from the data center regardless of time and location. It enables you to work on an expansive horizon, not in a single space. Above all, it allows everyone to achieve an XR experience anywhere.


5. Summary


LED Screen Studio

The XR technology has dramatically affected our experience and perspectives toward devices. It helps us appreciate more technology and digital devices by looking at the rich experience they can provide us. And looking at filming firms, it has significantly impacted and changed the typical filling process and methods. It is way more accessible, more technical, and detail-oriented, and 3D effects are highly achievable.

The XR stage costs more than green screens because it utilizes quality firmware and LED equipment. However, it gives you more polished film results and outputs. Apart from filming, it is also applied to TV broadcasting studios, etc.

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