YUCHIP Rental LED Display Panel Q Series

YUCHIP Q series Rental LED Display Panel

Fast & Easy Unique fast lock design,5 seconds quick installation;

Integrated control box design,18 seconds fast replacement;

Super Compatible Different pixelpitch LED module use same cabinet;

Different pixelpitch control box freely exchanged;

Indoor P3.91 Front Maintenance LED Display Screen

LED Display body is a convenient model for the power supply and video signal in the front maintenance.

Easy disassembly, a few seconds can be removed, the efficiency is greatly improved. The traditional display must set aside enough space for maintenance, the front maintenance LED screen to solve this problem. YUCHIP front maintenance led display surface is strong and smooth, anti UV module suite, protect the screen body is not deformed. The core technology of the pre-maintenance module, no maintenance channel, to deal with a variety of installation environments.

P10 Outdoor Advertising LED Display SMD LED Video Wall

Features of P10 SMD outdoor rental full color LED Display
1) SMD for outdoor, enlarge the viewing angle of the screen;
2) Smooth Image than DIP(1r1g1b);
3) Light and Slim cabinet, 15kg/cabinet,80mm in thickness;
4) Flexible to move, simple to installa and un-install.
5) Navagationa Connector, safe and stable

YUCHIP P6.25 Outdoor High Definition Rental LED Display

P6.25 Outdoor Rental LED Display; Die casting aluminum cabinet; 500x1000mm cabinet size;Fast lock for quick and easy installation.Particularly for outdoor high resolution,the protection rate is IP65.Super HD perfect picture quality.

YUCHIP Rental LED Display Screen

1.Light weight, slim ,and fashionable design,unit cabinet weight is 9kg,the thickness is 80mm in total.
2.Rental Led Display High refresh frequency for TV studios and live broadcasting that exceeds 4000HZ,insuring
afidelity images free of flickering;
3.Fast lock enable the user to fast assemble and disassemble each cabinet with 30 seconds. each fast lock can
undertake 200kg weight ,when hoisting,it makes the whole screen keep flat.
4.Rental Led Display Standard cabinet size L480mm*H480mm*T80mm and standard modules for P4,P5,P6 LED
displays, very easy for user to convert P6 modules to P4 ,P5 modules, save cost for users.
5.Opitional Install modes,hoisting, wall mount,standard structure etc.

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