We introduce to you the YUCHIP workshop, a place where our products are manufactured, designed, tested, and packaged for delivery to our numerous clients across the globe. In this place also comes the extensive planning, designing, engaging, creating, and innovating hundreds of ideas, proposals, projects, recommendations from our various sectors in the company. From the management, manufacturing or production line, engineers, technical and marketing department; all individuals give their full support to every product we produce.

YUCHIP was founded in 2004 and now is still running well in the LED industry for 16 years and counting. Our products vary from indoor to outdoor, rental displays, sports perimeter, LED posters, stadiums, stage LEDs, transparent, flexible, and creative LED screens. With a wide pixel pitch range, our LED products have an ultrawide scope for installation and application.

While when it comes to spare parts of a product, we partner with trusted brands such as Nationstar to provide you the most equitable and standard design, quality, and satisfactory resolution.

Let us give you a short and precise tour of our production and marketing lines.


YUCHIP Reception

In our reception area is where we welcome our clients locally and internationally. We have an officer by-standing to address your inquiry, guide you and answer some of your questions.

LED Module QC

In this area comes the installation and building of the backbone of every module. Operations involved are putting the custom board and LED light module together with some prevalent wirings.

Production Line

Upon placing an order, the production team will produce the necessary number of LED lamps, boards, modules, and diodes required in a project right away. The production line includes skilled individuals.

Marketing Department

The marketing department is in charge of creating additional points for the plan and impacting both parties, especially how the product and services are handed over to our client, locally or internationally.

Crest Welder

In this section, a highly skilled individual and specific machinery executes various mechanisms, designs the system controller, and puts together the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that guides the preceding processes.

High Speed Chip Mounter

A high-speed chip mounter is a machine used to instill the light diodes in every module or board rapidly. Its fast performance helps the production line run a mile in the manufacturing duties significantly.

LED Taping Machine

With high-speed processing, multi-product support, an LED taping machine puts manufacturing at ease. It is the equipment used to install diodes in an LED tape. There are thousands of diodes in a module.

LED Print Machine

Product identity is one important thing every customer seeks and keeps in mind. The LED printing machine helps every product and brand be identified because of the names, logos, or texts inked to it.

Vibration Test

To solidify the quality of our products, every piece of the LED display undergoes a vibration test in which it is placed in a vibration environment to check the durability and reproduce for progress if there are issues.

LED Display Aging Test

In an aging test, the LED display is set to run for 72 hours in an imitating environment. It is to know whether the display will show abnormal characteristics and to ensure its reliability and quality.

LED Screen Aging Test

To test the further reliability of the LED screen, it undergoes series of aging tests, especially after production and before delivery of shipment. In case issues occur, the display will be reproduced or replaced.

LED Display Test

In a display test, we check and measure the uniformity, color distances, gamma, sharpness, viewing angles, etc. We also see if there are defective pixels, brightness failure, and other parameters.

LED Screens Package

To best ensure that the LED display will not be damaged during transportation, it has its packaging. Each LED display cabinet is intact in a wooden or metallic cover with a carrier for safe movement.

LED Display Shipment

From the manufacturing location, the LED display will then be transported to our trusted logistics. Alongside meeting the target delivery date, we also adhere to safely move the product to our clients.

LED Display Transportation

For safe movement and transportation, we choose our best and entrusted delivery partner to make sure the product comes right on time with no damage, no issues, and clients’ satisfaction is perceptible.

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