Israeli Clients Visited YUCHIP

Israeli Clients Visited YUCHIP

YUCHIP, China’s leading screen solution provider and manufacturer, has been in the industry for years. We have established our brands, products, solutions, and services well in China and abroad. Our dedication to cater to our clients’ needs is our utmost priority. Together with helping them achieve success through our services, we hope to give them quality products.

Because of the greater demands in the market, our company has entered the overseas market. Along with the competitions, advancement, and other challenges, we continue to stand firm amidst enormous difficulties.

To get along with the overseas market, we make sure to establish connections with people. Through advertisements, promotions and keeping in touch with our previous clients. Our services and transactions are online. However, some clients would love to see products in real-time. Our clients from abroad having interest sometimes ought to visit us in China.

Israeli Clients Visited YUCHIP

For example, one of our clients from Israel visited our office in China. They got a detailed consultation and instructions regarding the taxi top LED display. Also, they had a test on how to operate software under 3G and WIFI connections. They told us that our products exactly meet their demands. 

Israeli Clients Visited YUCHIP
Taxi Top LED Display

Taxi top LED Display is a type of LED Display used in public vehicles such as taxis. It is a new type of electronic media advertising which ought to attain an intelligent network and digital outdoor media. Its high- brightness, HD resolution, and large-view angle make it suitable for outdoor use.

It helps businesses with promoting their products and services while making vehicles look safe and friendly. It attracts passengers and commuters, unlike taxis without it. Sounds great, right?

Should you have questions about Taxi top LED Display, please reach us through our website;

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