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LED Screen Panel has achieved significant growth these years. It’s further developed in popular transparent LED screens, flexible LED screens, LED curtain displays, LED posters, and more. LED display panels are an excellent choice for digital purposes due to their flawless, continuous connection. With a wide viewing angle, they provide clear views from multiple angles. Their ability to reproduce genuine, vibrant colors further adds to their appeal. The LED display screen is perfect for a variety of environments, offering superior image quality and reliability for all digital displays.

Since 2004, YUCHIP has successfully exported LED display panels to over 105 countries. The wide range of LED display panels works as LED advertising screens: stage LED screens, stadium LED screens, church LED walls, outdoor LED, indoor LED, outdoor rental LED displays, indoor rental LED displays, front service LED screens, rental LED screen floor, etc. 

High Quality LED Screen Panels To Skyrocket Your Business

YUCHIP, China’s top LED display manufacturer, continuously innovates by developing new LED screen panels. Do you want to customize the LED screen panel size, pixel pitch, and model of your LED screen panel? We are eager to support and assist you. Our engineers, boasting 19 years of experience, are at your service for insights on LED screen panel replacements and advanced technology.

Moreover, YUCHIP’s influence extends globally, with projects spanning over 105 countries. A stellar track record, positive client feedback, and extensive customer experience in the LED display sector drive our success. We are dedicated to offering standard, superior-quality, and exceptionally reliable products and solutions tailored to meet your specific needs in a location.

Our recent projects and achievements are evidence of our continuous tapping on progress, development, and innovation. Here’s a glimpse of our blogs. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or send us your inquiries at manager@yuchip.com.

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YUCHIP Catalog

The Latest LED Screen Panel Projects

  • P1.25 Full HD LED Screen in Germany

    In the art center, this LED display excels, vividly bringing out the fine details of artistic works, enhancing the center’s image, and captivating visitors.

  • P3.9 Transparent LED Screen in Hainan

    P3.9 transparent LED screens successfully upgrade the retail store’s image and attract the audience’s view from a distant place.

  • P4 Flexible LED Screen in Media Mart

    A flexible LED screen helps to build seamlessly curved, round screens. The visitors enjoy a nice view while shopping in Media Markt.

  • P1.56 LED Screen for Algeria

    The P1.56 is designed for monitoring in petroleum control centers, offering superior high definition and high contrast ratio benefits.

  • P2.5 LED Poster for America

    YuChip’s digital LED poster, featuring a unique and flexible design, offers a portable advertising solution ideal for retail stores, exhibitions, hotels, and similar venues.

  • P8 Football LED Display in Romania

    This product meets UEFA standards for football LED advertising and is designed to be movable and easily dismantled for event rental purposes.

  • P5 Outdoor LED Screen in Denmark

    Its waterproof design ensures functionality in all weather conditions, while its high brightness captures viewers’ attention with eye-catching advertising.

  • P5 Street Pole LED Display for Jordan

    The street pole LED display, available in single and double-sided models, mounts easily to street poles. It features USB, WiFi, 4G, and cloud connectivity control options.

LED Screen Panel: The Ultimate Guide


Are you a business owner thinking of leveraging your business by adding an LED display panel to your store or location? Are you a concert organizer thinking of the best LED screen panel to apply for your events? For either of the two, you’ll surely need to be familiar with LED screen panels, how they work, their advantages, applications, and more.

In this guide, we’ll lay down all the important terms and knowledge you need to know. It is to help you fully utilize your LED screen display at its utmost function. Apart from that, being totally familiar with their function will help you attentively monitor its function, do maintenance, and other necessary methods to help keep up the device’s function in the long run.

Table Of Contents
  1. What Is An LED Screen Panel?
  2. Can LED Display Screen Be Used Indoors And Outdoor?
  3. How To Control An LED Display?
  4. What Are The Advantages Of Using An LED Display Screen?
  5. How Are LED Video Walls Installed?
  6. Are LED Screen Walls Customizable?
  7. How Much Power Does An LED Display Wall Use?
  8. How Much Does It Cost To Rent LED Video Wall Panels?
  9. Is An LED Display Eco-friendly?
  10. Conclusion


What Is An LED Screen Panel?

First and foremost, let’s begin by defining what an LED screen panel is.

What is LED Display Screen? LED (light-emitting diode) screen panel is a flat panel used to deliver large-scale video displays for public viewing. It uses an array of LED units known as modules of many small LED chips placed on a PCB (printed circuit board) substrate. The light produced by these LEDs is bright enough to provide you or your audience with an enhanced viewing experience from short and long distances, day or night.

LED Screen For Exhibits
LED Screen For Exhibits

In recent years, the display screen LED has been widely used as a digital store sign and billboard. It also offers a better contrast ratio than your traditional projector. That means an LED display is a much better alternative to a regular projection screen for delivering high-quality images or videos.

LED screen panels can give you seamless displays with no visible grid lines coming from the bezels. You may use an LED panel as a single small display or combine multiple screen panels to create a larger screen display. LED displays are sometimes used as stage or venue lighting and other visual displays to create an aesthetic effect on the illumination of the stage or venue.

Can LED Display Screen Be Used Indoors And Outdoor?

You can use a screen LED display both indoors and outdoors. LED display screens are an excellent tool for almost anyone who wishes to send their messages to a vast target audience, either informational or promotional. It lets you get your message sharing more efficiently and fashionably.

So both the indoor LED screen panel and outdoor LED screen panel serve you almost the same purpose. It is essential to identify the environment where you plan to apply or install it before choosing which LED screen you should purchase or have.

LED Screen

(Outdoor & Indoor Rental LED Screen)

Generally, LED screens need not be waterproof for indoor applications. On the contrary, your outdoor LED screens must be water-resistant to function even during rainy days. The brightness of the outdoor LED display is also much higher than indoor LED screens because it works in broad daylight or direct sunlight. Wrong brightness level for outdoor screen display will compromise the visibility of your content and the viewing experience of your audience.

Since outdoor LED display is viewed farther distances, its pixel density requirement is relatively lower than indoor LED display. Indoor LED display screens to have a higher resolution simply because people watch it at a closer distance. Learn more about the best outdoor LED screens by clicking this link.

How To Control An LED Display?

LED display screens have a control system that allows you to manage your LED display’s texts, pictures, animations, videos, etc. This control system includes software and hardware tools. It serves as the brain of your LED screen. Without this system, you will not be able to use or enjoy the benefits of LED displays.

There are two kinds of control systems: synchronous control and asynchronous control.

Buy LED Display Screen

(P10 Outdoor LED Display Screen in Zambia, 3G/4G Remote Control)

Synchronous. The definition is ‘occurring at the same time. Synchronous control means you can display contents from your computer monitor to your LED display screen in real time (synchronously). Thus, whatever is on your computer monitor is also displayed on your LED display screen at that very moment.

Novastar LED controller

Asynchronous. The meaning is ‘not happening at the same time. Asynchronous control means you have to advance the ready-made contents to the control card of your LED screen using electronic devices like laptops or mobile stones or storage devices such as USB flash drives and SD cards. Once the control card recognizes your device and the ready-made content, it will project it on your LED screen in order. This content will run in a loop.

HD Player Huidu

What Are The Advantages Of Using An LED Display Screen?

LED Display

(Customized Outdoor & Indoor LED Display Ball)

LED screens are becoming an essential part of the advertising, business, and entertainment industry. This is because LED display screens offer more benefits than other displays or advertisements.

Besides allowing you to send your messages to the target audience more playfully and creatively, you will also gain the following advantages when choosing an Led display screen over traditional advertisements.

Energy Efficient. One of the best features of LED displays is that it helps you save more power because it consumes less energy. Because LEDs do not use fluorescent bulbs to produce light, they produce significantly less heat. They also have a relatively long lifespan, so investing in an LED display will save you more money in the long run.

Rental Exhibition Screen
Rental Exhibition Screen

Brighter Image Quality. LED displays have a higher contrast ratio and an enormous range of colors providing better image quality and viewing angles. LED shows also have less risk of fading and light flicker than other display systems.

Versatile. LED screen panels may serve many purposes. It is customizable according to your needs. The content on your screen display is programmable; you may edit, alter, or improve your design or message at any time.

Decorative. The extraordinary appearance of the LED display panel (not to mention its colorful and eye-catching content) gives its milieu better luminosity and a livelier vibe.

How Are LED Video Walls Installed?

LED Screen Display

(4pcs P20 14x7m LED Video Wall in Peru. YuChip Engineers On-Site Installation Support)

It would help if you did not worry about designing and installing your LED video wall panel. It is a job carried out by professionals experienced and knowledgeable about the LED wall’s technical and logistical processes.

If you plan to have your own LED wall, you will need to secure necessary permits from the local government before you can, especially if you wish to have it outdoors. Here at YUCHIP, we can provide you with the LED wall panel perfect for your every need. The following are the general steps that are needed to be followed strictly.

3D Display Indoors
3D Display Indoors

Handling. Unpacking and handling your LED cabinets must be done with utmost care to avoid damaging your LED wall panel. Make sure that the modules are taken carefully. Never drag or hit these modules.

Positioning. Modules are placed right next to each other during screen mounting. An anchoring mechanism is followed to allow vertical and horizontal connections on the cabinets.

Wiring. Basic knowledge of the data-wiring process is required to accomplish this step. First, wires are placed in a zigzag manner between cabinets. Next, modules are connected to the data in and out ports.

Powering. There is already power wiring integrated into the video wall panels. Therefore, powering an LED wall display is easy.

Are LED Screen Walls Customizable?LED Video Wall

(Customized LED Screen Panel in Different Shapes, Sizes, and Pixel Pitches)

You can have a customized LED display panel. LED walls are created by combining LED video wall panels to develop a composite image/video display like LCD walls. LED-wall shows do not have bezels, so they deliver a seamless viewing experience to the audience.

LED screen panels vary in size, allowing you to project images and video displays from small to large. You can choose which one is best suited for you. Pixel pitch varies so that you can select the perfect one for your needs according to your venue and target audience size. Most importantly, custom LED display panels may be programmed or refreshed with a new message, content, images, or video to avoid the audience being fed up with your display.

LED Module For Stage And Trade Shows
LED Module For Stage And Trade Shows

You may also use your LED display wall to share live videos. You can also manage this kind of display remotely. There’s no need to adjust manually. Some LED video walls allow the audience to interact with it (synching the audience’s smartphones or mobile devices), creating an engaging and immersive experience for your target market and audience.

Video wall displays provide you with unlimited ways or potential to promote your brand or deliver your message. A customized LED display helps you achieve your goals and needs more effectively.

If you want to know how to make LED display screen, we have a separate blog for it. Follow this link.

How Much Power Does An LED Display Wall Use?

Video Wall Panels

(Each LED Screen Panel Has To Pass 72 Hours of Aging Test Before Sending You)

One of the most common questions is how much power this consumes when buying or using LED displays. To determine this, you must first understand the input current and voltage of the LEDs utilized in the LED screen.

The input voltage of LEDs for screens is typically 5V (volt), while the ideal current is around 20mA (MilliAmp). With these measurements, the expected power consumption is 20 mA x 5 v = 0.1 W. Some LED different more energy-efficient manufacturers to introduce displays. LED displays are now powered with a lower voltage than five (5). Lower voltage input may result in more energy savings.

LED Display Panel Indoors
LED Display Panel Indoors

Let’s have an LED display screen with a 16mm pixel pitch. The pixel configuration consists of 4 LEDs for every pixel, while the resolution per square meter is 3906 pixels. 3908 multiple by 4 is equal to 15 624. This is the total number of LEDs per square meter.

The maximum power consumption for this particular LED display is 15,624 (0.1W) = 1.56Kw.

While the computation of power consumption is deemed simple, the calculation for electricity cost depends on the electricity rate. In addition, brightness level and resolution may also affect the electricity expenses.

How to reduce my LED screen power consumption?

How Much Does It Cost To Rent LED Video Wall Panels?

LED Video Panel

(850sqm P4.8 and P8 LED Screen Panel for 17th Fina World Championship)

If you are a budget-minded person or plan to use an LED display for a short period and are looking for rental LED screens, the central question in your mind would be rental pricing. Because of the LED display’s stylish appearance and many other benefits that you may get, LED screen panels are not cheap.

It is easy to assume the price would only depend on the size of the LED wall display or the number of LED screen panels you will need. It is essential to understand that LED display rental pricing is affected by many factors.

Multiple LED Screen
Multiple LED Screen

Resolution. LED screens are available in various options. Selecting the suitable solution for you will help you get appropriate. Different resolution qualities are more suited to specific applications. How do you wish to utilize the screen display? How far will the audience be from the show? Will you use it indoors or outdoors? You need to answer these questions to identify the correct screen type and resolution.

Location. The physical place where you plan to install the screen is also a factor for rental pricing. If your site requires complex installation, it will reflect on your quote.

Duration. Rent is calculated per day.

How much is LED screen display?

If you opt to buy your own LED display screen, the price range may vary for various reasons. Here are the 6 aspects affecting LED screen price. 

The cost of an LED screen display can rely on different factors. But to give you an idea, here’s an estimate.

Note: This is only based on size alone. Other factors can also affect the price.

  1. Small LED displays. These can range from $100 to $1,000.
  2. Medium-sized LED Displays. Prices for medium-sized LED displays typically start at around $300 and can go up to several thousand dollars.
  3. Large LED Displays. Large LED displays, such as those used for digital signage or in commercial settings, can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, or even more.
  4. High-Resolution And Specialized Displays. Displays with higher resolutions (such as 4K or 8K) and specialized features like curved screens or OLED technology tend to be more expensive. Prices for these displays can start at around $1,000 and go up significantly.
  5. Commercial And Professional Displays. LED displays designed for commercial or professional use, such as video walls or large outdoor displays, can vary widely in price depending on their size and capabilities. They can range from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Additional Costs

Keep in mind that the cost of an LED screen display may also include additional expenses. It includes installation, mounting hardware, content management systems, and maintenance.

It’s important to research and compare different options based on your specific requirements and budget. Prices can change over time, so we recommend checking with reputable retailers or manufacturers for the most up-to-date pricing information. Additionally, consider factors like warranty, after-sales support, and the reputation of the manufacturer when making your decision.

You may contact us today and request a quote so we can start working on your LED project.

Is An LED Display Eco-friendly?

LED Screen Wall

(P10 Outdoor LED Display Panel for Argentina)

Using LED display screens is more ‘green’ than traditional advertising methods for many reasons. It has become essential for brands to promote their products or messages effectively while following environmentally sustainable practices.

In using LED display panels, no single paper is wasted. Using LED display screens, you can show multiple contents, one after another, without using new materials or canvas.

In using LED display panels, power consumption is less than other lighting types. For example, an LED panel screen uses 70% to 90% less energy. Using LED display screens can save more money, and it offers better flexibility. If an error exists, you can tweak it in a blink of an eye. These can be managed remotely. Logistics cost is less.

LED Panel Screen
LED Panel Screen

You can recycle the materials used for LED screen panels as well. LED screens’ plastic and electronic materials can be reclaimed and processed into new products if disposed of properly.

Compared to the old ways of promoting brands and services using reams of printed papers and posters, the utilization of LED display screens is a huge step in reducing the environmental impacts of your business or projects.


(LED Screen Panels for Retail Industry)

We have been using LED display screens for decades now. In addition, LED screens continue to become a significant technological development.

But with the amount of time and effort devoted to research and development in the LED industry, new products that may redefine the way we use and see LED displays are just around the corner.

Today, we are enjoying this research and development results by utilizing LED display screens that are more durable and sturdier. They also come in various shapes, and they now occupy less space.

Indoor LED Screen Panel
Indoor LED Screen Panel

The miniaturization of LED screen panels is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in the LED industry. Besides, we are now enjoying ultra-thin lighter screens, which can easily be mounted on many surfaces, inside or outside.

Above all, virtual realities are now being enjoyed in gaming, business, entertainment, and other related sectors. LED screens are now becoming more interactive audiovisual displays.

Meanwhile, LED display screens are powered with artificial intelligence to allow viewers to interact with the LED screen displays. For years to come, we can expect LED screen displays to become more showstopper.

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