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Who We Are

SHOWING THE WONDERFUL WORLD — It is the ultimate goal that YUCHIP has always pursued

Founded in 2004, YUCHIP is an award-winning global LED display supplier headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

As a comprehensive LED display manufacturer, we focus on offering top-notch technology and high-performing visual products.

Our great range of LED displays includes outdoor LED display, indoor LED screen, rental LED display, transparent LED display, LED poster, flexible LED display, HD LED screen, mobile LED video screens, LED wall controller, and more.

How We Do

YUCHIP owns 15000 square meters of factory area, and every LED video wall is manufactured by our skilled team using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

It’s then hand-checked against a stringent quality control list to ensure it meets our very high standards. All the LED display screen has to pass 72 hours aging test before delivery.

Furthermore, as an LED wall manufacturer, our management system complies with ISO9001-2015. The outstanding LED video screens are certified by CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, TUV, KC, CB, IECEE, SONCAP, and BIS with a 3-5 years warranty.

YUCHIP has been honored with several prestigious awards, including recognition as a China National High-Tech Enterprise. Additionally, YUCHIP has been acknowledged as a Technological Innovation-Based Enterprise by the Shenzhen Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Service Bureau. YUCHIP is also a proud member of the Shenzhen SRDI (Specialized, Refinement, Differential, Innovation) Enterprise Development Association.

You can briefly view a few of the international certificates and patent certificates here.

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  • LED Display RoHS
  • LED Display FCC
  • YUCHIP TUV Certificate
  • LED Display ISO
  • LED Screen Saber
  • KC LED Display YUCHIP
  • LED Display SONCAP Certificate
  • LED Display Bis Certificate
  • LED Display High Tech Company
  • Innovative SMEs Reward YUCHIP
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  • LED Display Screen Patent
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  • LED Video Wall Certificate
  • LED Wall Patent
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  • LED Display Patent 2
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Where We Go

Our team of 260 staff has decades of industry experience that enable us to provide superb solutions for customers to pick and choose from. Meanwhile, YUCHIP has successfully exported LED displays to over 102 countries worldwide as an LED screen manufacturer.

YUCHIP committed to supporting customers with responsive service and rapid delivery, so we opened a branch office in Germany, Hungary, and Peru, authorized dealers in America, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. The Dubai branch office will also start soon.

Since YUCHIP startup, it’s our mission and delight to help customers transfer any desired space into the digital world.

Footprint as Global LED Screen Supplier

Yuchip’s quality LED screen has been exported to over 102 countries since 2004.

  • 2014, well done the largest outdoor HD LED screen in Hanoi, Vietnam, 140sqm OF P5
  • 2015, successfully built the biggest cricket stadium LED display in Hyderabad, India, 185sqm OF P16
  • 2016, accomplished the largest LED screen in Latin America located in Lima, Peru, 402sqm OF P16
  • 2017, honorably supplied 1.8m LED sphere display and flexible LED screen for World Expo Astana 2017
  • 2017, authorized as key LED screen supplier in the 17th Fina World Championship Budapest, 200sqm P4.8 rental LED display, 350sqm P8 perimeter LED screen, and 280sqm P5.95 LED scoreboard
  • 2018, ideally supplied and installed the largest group of trailer LED video screen in Berlin, Germany, 655sqm OR P5 in 4 groups
  • 2019, successfully manufactured and delivered a 3.6m LED display ball for Argentina National Museum
  • P5 Outdoor LED Screen in Vietnam
  • P16 Stadium LED Display
  • P4.8 Rental LED Screen
  • P16 Outdoor LED Screem
  • P5 Mobile Truck LED Display
  • LED Diplay Ball in Argentina
  • Duabi LED Display Client
  • America LED Display Client

YuChip Customer Testimonial 1

“You are my best LED display manufacturer and brother. I was impressed when I visited your China factory, your top-notch technology, your advanced production machine, your amazing LED display, and your kindest hospitality I ever met. Thank you brother, I asked my friend to also buy from you.”

— Mustafa H.A. from Dubai


“Obviously, it’s my right decision to buy LED video wall from you. Your quality is the best! I met you in Grafinca2016 Peru,  ISE2019 Amsterdam, and I expect to meet with you again in ISE2021 Barcelona. You know, every year, I travel around to check market trends and new things.”

— J.W. Mark from the USA

YuChip Customer Testimonial 2

“My LED display advertising business made a 264% annual growth in the past eight years. Your high-quality LED display makes me money without any headache. Plus, your reasonable price makes me easier to build more advertising LED display. Thank god, we are working together.”

— Renzo R.S. from Peru


“The first transparent LED screen I buy from you generates more business for me. It’s amazing!!! People love it! Now many more shops come to me asking for LED screens for their window front and inside walls. Definitely, we are the best partner!”

— W.N. Patrick from France

  • Peru LED Screen Client
  • France LED Display Client
  • Nigeria LED Screen Customer
  • Spain LED Display Customer

YuChip Customer Testimonial 3

“I like so much work with your company. You guys fast quote me and support all drawings and technical sheets to win my LED screen project. When I do the installation, your engineer is so helpful. I like your super service!”

— M. Moses from Nigeria


“Your company has a great team! It’s our 10th-year cooperation with ease. Johnson, answer my questions anytime, even during your Chinese new year holiday. Andy always helped me out, deliver my LED displays on time, whatever by air or sea shipment.”

— C.L. Shawn from Spain

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