Retail LED Display

Retail LED display refers to a storefront LED display that advertises products or services to enhance brand awareness and promote sales.

It provides your business with the opportunity to communicate your brand messages in a unique and creative visual way. LED retail display successfully captivates and engages your target audience.

YUCHIP retail LED displays are certified with international standards like CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC, TUV-EMC, Saber, BIS and SONCAP, etc. This dramatically supports your chain stores’ global market expansion. And our entire series of retail LED displays are provided with a 3-5 years warranty.


  • Retail LED display allows you to customize how you want your store or shop to look.
  • You can adjust the brightness according to how you want the light to impact your overall store image.
  • We can also customize the shape and size according to your preference.
  • With retail LED display, you have a wide choice of pixel pitch to use; besides, you can also choose from transparent display series, indoor or indoor rentals.
  • You can place the retail LED Displays indoors or at a storefront.

Why do you need a Retail LED Display?

Undeniably, people love digital aesthetics these days. We become more and more fond of the overwhelming flow of technology, evident everywhere, in commercial areas and even in rural places. Most likely, people tend to get attracted to a store that has more digital content played like in an LED Display.

Luxury stores, branded jewelry, malls, product launches, promos, spas, and many other industries believe that it’ll improve the ambiance and, most significantly, sales with the help of LED displays in their locations and places.

In addition, people can also get multiple advertising and entertaining knowledge beyond what is taught in formal education, such as unique trivia, discoveries, and updated global news. Children in shopping malls can learn various learnable content in retail displays installed in a supply store or book store. It does not target advertising alone and decorative purposes for some, but information sharing and creativity, too.

Pixel Pitch (mm)22.5345667.62
Pixel Density (dot/㎡)250000160000 11111162500 40000 160000 27777 17222
Brightness (cd/㎡)8001200 1000 1200 800≥7000 1000
Viewing Angle (H/V)140° /140°110°/ 50°120°/ 120°140°/ 140°120°/ 120°140°/ 140°
Cabinet Resolution200*150160*120160*16032*3296*96128*12832*32
Cabinet Size (mm)400 x 300 x 77 576 x 576 x 85640 x 640 x 97640 x 480 x 90576 x 576 x 85768 x 768 x 120512 x 512 x 80
Cabinet Weight4.6 kg11.5 kg8 kg4.6 kg35kg11.5 kg
Refresh Rate1920 Hz960 Hz960-1920 Hz≥1200 Hz1920 Hz≥2000 Hz1920 Hz


(YUCHIP Retail LED Display)

Retail Window Display: Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. Introduction


As a retail business owner, you want to ensure that your store or shop consistently attracts customers who will keep your business alive and going.

Quality products and competitive price points for your goods will create customer loyalty and generate more leads. But aside from these factors, another thing you need to consider to keep your customers coming is your store’s physical appearance.

LED Store Display

(P3.9 Transparent LED Screen for Lancome Shop)

The way your store looks can make or break your sales. Yes, we don’t judge the book by its cover, but most of the time, customers do. Good store ambiance does not only satisfy your loyal customers, but it can also attract new prospective buyers.

One strategic way to lure more of them into your store is to make sure you have a captivating shop front window display. It will help if you consider how the people outside see your store and come inside.


2. What Is A Retail Window Display?


LED Window Display Signs
(P3 Indoor LED Display for Clothes Retail Shop in Hongkong)

A retail window display is the art of displaying your merchandise in your store window. A window display is more than just a display; it is a form of advertising strategy that creates the first connection between your store and your customers. Many store owners are recently replacing the old-style use of dull mannequins and wares with digital displays.

Digital window display screens give customers a glimpse of what they can find inside; it is the window to the soul of your store. They play an integral part in convincing potential buyers to look around.

LED Window Display Screen
(P1.5 Flexible LED Screen for Airport in UAE)

Digital storefront signs are commonplace in nearly every store, especially on high streets. And the most preferred digital display technology of today is the LED window signs. They can produce bright and colorful lights and images that are attention-grabbing for the audience.

LED window displays, small or big, allow you to be creative and give you a better chance to stand out from the tough competition among other retailers in your area. They are also an effective tool to increase your business awareness or make a statement and an impact.


3. What Makes A Good LED Window Display?


LED Screen Store
(P2 HD LED Screen for Phone Shop in Dubai)

Here are some of the things that you might consider when you start putting your LED window display signs:

  • A simple but elegant LED window display is more eye-friendly than a cluttered one. Understandably, some may want to put as many images and text as possible to maximize the use of LED signs. However, crowded LED displays are not visually appealing. It is better to have an LED window display screen that delivers a single unified message.
  • Many studies suggest that video displays or moving images are more attractive to shoppers and customers than static and dull text and pictures.
  • The content of your LED retail signs should be changed and updated now and then. To avoid monotony, you have to make sure you have new and fresh content from time to time.
  • A retail window display can be more effective if based on a particular theme. You can match it with a holiday celebrated that week or month.
  • The LED store display should match the wares and merchandise inside the store. The content of your LED screen must represent what your customers may expect on the inside. You do not want to disappoint your customers by giving them false hopes. You may also use colors that match your brand.
  • Position your retail LED display in a visible place to nearly everyone. Even if your display content is out of this world, and yet the customers can hardly see it, it will not help your business.


4. What Are The Different LED Display Solutions For Retail Stores?


Many store owners want to adopt digital display technology to improve their businesses. However, they don’t know where to start and what kind of retail solution is best. So, to give you an idea to help you decide, here are the LED display solutions that you may apply in your retail store:

LED Retail Signs
(P5 Indoor Fixed LED Display for Shopping Mall in Peru)
  1. Indoor Video Display

Indoor video displays are thin, lightweight, modular LED screens mounted on the wall of your storefront. They are commonly used to showcase high-definition advertisements or commercials. They can range from a small screens to large-scale video walls.

Installing advertising indoor LED displays is a practical approach to standing out and making a powerful statement. It can help you make an impressive and unforgettable first impression. Your store’s indoor video display will give your loyal customers a visual/viewing experience that may change how they view your store.

Many are now considering fixed indoor LED displays for their stores as they are more cost-efficient in the long run.

  1. Outdoor LED Display

Your outdoor LED displays for your retail store may be an LED billboard, LED street signage, or an LED advertising screen. This type of store LED display is designed to attract passersby and commuters outside the store or malls. It successfully lures and drives traffic of potential shoppers inside your store.

Outdoor LED displays also help other customers to locate your retail store. The shopping LED displays to let the shoppers know what stores are inside. These signs are waterproof and dustproof to stand against the harsher conditions of the outdoor environment.

  1. Freestanding LED Signs
Retail LED Displays
(P3 Movable LED Poster for Money Exchange Shops in Spain)

A freestanding LED signage is a LED display that has its stand. It is movable and transferable to any part of your store whenever you wish. Also, it is a nice-looking and eye-catching welcome display that you can position near the entrance of your store.

It is a great additional feature for your shop or store as they are easy to manage and operate. You can use them to display a wide range of visual content plus audio. They are excellent in showing high brightness and a dynamic range of colors. The screen’s displays are visible even when placed in well-lit areas of the mall.

  1. LED Banner

The LED banner is another option for your LED display board for your shop. These are LED panels or modules used to deliver text and messages. They are also used to spell out the brand’s name or the store’s name.

These are the most common digital signs used in many convenient stores and retail stores worldwide as they are smaller and easier to install.

The LED Banners can also be utilized as welcome digital signs for offices, arcades, casinos, hotels, restaurants, and more.

  1. Interactive Display

Digital Store Displays

(P3 Indoor LED Screen for Malls in Chile)

An interactive digital shop display is the most longed-for LED display for all types of stores and malls. It is an intelligent LED display solution that allows you to promote your brand and give your customer some shopping guide information.

It works through Wi-fi or a 4g control system. This retail display attracts more attention, engages customers, and allows them to interact with the screen monitor.

Interactive digital screen retail display gives your store that high-end vibe that shoppers will surely adore. It is customizable and has high adaptability to dynamic media file contents. Furthermore, it has become more in demand in many parts of the world.


5. What Are The Benefits Of Window LED Displays?


Digital Storefront Signs
(Front Maintenance P3 LED Display for Ripley)

The retail window LED displays are ideal for any retail environment. It helps store owners generate more customers and consequently boosts sales. Here is how an LED window display can help you stand out:

  1. It commands attention. A bright, colorful, and unique LED window display will make your retail shop a head-turner. The very reason why many store owners opted to use LED retail display screens is to attract potential customers to check and visit your store, which leads to an increase in sales.
  2. It greets your customers with a fun and exciting visual display. The first impression is somewhat very important in marketing or advertising your brand or business. It drives customers and potential buyers to try your products and merchandise.
  3. With LED window signs, you can have a promotion and ad content (video, images, text message) in a large format that is brighter than traditional retail displays or regular digital displays. Your retail window LED display is striking and visible to every mall goer.
  4. It helps you highlight products or services in a straightforward yet captivating way. Updating or changing content is as easy as ‘plug and play.’ Say goodbye to regularly printing multiple tarpaulins and papers for advertisement or constantly replacing wares and displays on your window.
  5. LED window displays are customizable to fit every requirement of your retail stores. They can be adapted to any window and wall in your shop. They are also easy to assemble and easy to maintain.


6. What Retail Window LED Display Solutions Does YUCHIP Offer?


YUCHIP has been a leading LED display manufacturer in China since 2004. We offer a complete range of indoor/outdoor LED display boards with various pixel pitches and sizes to choose from for your retail stores.

YUCHIP LED store display solutions have been widely used in many stores like Adidas, Nike, Lancome, etc., around the world.

Digital Shop Display

(P3 Indoor LED Display for Clothe Shop Reception Areas)

Our three most sought-after retail LED display solutions are the indoor LED display, LED poster, and transparent LED display. These are practical solutions to provide your customers with an engaging shopping experience that may drastically increase your sales volume.

If you want to give your store a dynamic environment and exciting ambiance, our digital LED store displays will help you realize that. Our retail LED signs and displays are fully certified with several international standards.

To learn more about YUCHIP LED window displays, you may contact us at or leave us a message through our website.

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