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LED video wall and LED display solution comprises various LED products that cater to your numerous LED needs. Our LED display solution has outstanding quality to help you skyrocket your multiple needs. Our rental and advertising LED displays have been exported to different countries across the globe.

Our fruit of service is evident in our valued clients’ feedback and satisfaction. We will help you all way through maintenance, installation, warranty, etc.

Our circle of professionals, engineers, and experienced LED display teams will help you carry out the blueprint and make your project dream into reality.

Numerous LED Display Solutions For Your Various Display Needs

YUCHIP is China’s leading LED Display manufacturer over the years. We provide numerous LED display products to various fields, industries, needs, and always according to your preference. We continue to develop and integrate the latest and outstanding technology into every product we manufacture to ensure the best quality, updated relativity, utmost resolution, and a target return of investment in time.

Our LED Display products’ quality is evident in our numerous projects across the globe. Do you want to start a worthwhile advertising journey? Invest and talk with us.

P2.5 Taxi Top Advertising LED Display

P3 HD Four-Sided Electronic Advertising LED Display

YUCHIP Catalog

The Latest LED Display Solution Projects

  • Taxi Top LED Display in Thailand

    Taxi top display can expand a digital market by playing and showing various advertising content in many different locations. It can reach hundreds to thousands of audience and viewers in one day of rooming around..

  • 8. The Biggest Oudoor Advertising LED Screen In south America

    This project is the giant outdoor advertising LED Screen in South America. It adopts P16 DIP with an area of 402 square meters, the highest brightness up to 8000cd.

  • P4 SMD2121 Indoor Church LED Display In Nigeria

    LED display indeed brings additional excitement to your worship service and conveys messages to everyone.  A church LED makes sure to indefinite and fine experience every worship session and other..

  • YUCHIP P3 Traffic LED Display Screen In Beijing Metro

    Through technology, conveying information becomes easier and more convenient. One example is installing LED displays for information and advertising in various transportation sites like trains, buses, etc.

  • YUCHIP P20 Outdoor Advertising Screens In Peru

    Outdoor advertising screens give a higher possibility of higher sales since they can accommodate a greater and wider audience. One of our projects in Peru utilized a large outdoor advertising LED..

  • P10 Outdoor Dual Maintenance LED Display in France 2

    Dual maintenance displays provide a more convenient way of maintenance, energy-saving, cost-saving, and less workforce. You can also decide which side works for you.

LED Display Solution: Your Best Choice


1. What Is An LED Display Solution?


LED Display Solution pertains to numerous LED products with varied purposes to meet clients’ requirements and needs.
Its sole purpose is to provide quality LED display products to different indoor and outdoor events, needs, and relative usages.

It has special features and a unique design that will meet your demand and bring an unprecedented and intense viewing experience to everyone who can see the content simultaneously.


2. What Is LED Display Solutions?


LED Display Ball P4 LED

(P4 LED Display Ball in Shopping Mall)

YUCHIP has been in the industry for decades now, and we’ve been exporting numerous LED products in different countries around the world. Our LED Display Solution comprises of the following.

  • 3D Hologram Fan. Hologram fan is a result of advanced technology inventions of today. It is a fan that, when turned on, can play content and show different figures and looks like floating. It also comes in different pixel pitches and sizes and is applicable for both indoor and outdoor installations. It is ideal for office premises and used as a decorative thing while it can attract customers and viewers when placed outdoor in spas, cafes, bars, casinos, etc.


  • Rental LED Dance Floor. If you’re fond of parties and dance craze events, this product will surely please you. The LED lamp has a unique design that can stand tons of weight and is unbreakable. You can use both indoor and outdoor applications, and it has waterproof and dustproof features, so needless to worry about rain and dust for outdoor usage. Floor LED display has millions of colors that genuinely represent content well, vividly, and clearly. Also, you can play and customize that content easily; you can make it up to the beat of the music. It can withstand the significant weight and huge audience stepping on it and even a car.


  • Street Light Pole LED DisplayIt is one of YUCHIP’s superior products in the long run. It can share quick traffic updates, weather and temperature, directions, small trivia, and other relative data. Alongside, it also plays various advertising elements and brings a friendlier ambiance to an area. It lights up dark areas of roads, cities, and places when installed and can share vital information quickly.


  • Alphanumerical Information LED Screen. The highlight is significant with information and message dissemination. With an alphanumerical information LED screen, you have the further chance to convey your data and message through letters and numbers easily. Many of you will ask, why do I need an alphanumerical information LED screen? Guess the answer goes like this. One way or another, people tend to be overwhelmed with the light and size, and content of an LED display. They can quickly check out and digest the most critical and less critical data with an alphanumerical LED screen.


  • Irregular LED Display. A flexible LED display series has a unique feature because it can be used in numerous exhibits and international creative affairs. It has unlimited usage and flexibility that’ll surely help you bring varying but completely fabulous views and experiences to your viewers. Eventually, you can use it to shape spheres, arcs, concave and convex shapes, circles, and various installation and application scopes.


  • Arc LED Display. What’s more intense than seeing LED displays in symmetrical shapes and curves? You’re likely to agree if you have seen an angle LED display in an outdoor installation, and it’s more thrilling than a conventional LED Display. It doesn’t limit maintenance from the backside alone, but you can also care through the front. You can choose the care, and we also welcome customization of sizes, parameters, and installation.


  • Mobile Trailer LED Display. The mobile trailer LED screen brings a thrilling experience to all viewers. It has movability features and can reach hundreds of thousands of viewers every time. Many outdoor events utilize a mobile trailer since it is easy and convenient to bring, the LED display mounted has a high-resolution and clear display, and playing content is just easy as 123.


  • Truck Mobile LED Display.  Truck mobile is part of YUCHIp’s mobile advertising display series. Thus, its sole purpose is to convey advertising content to the target audience by roaming different locations. Unlike static billboards and outdoor displays, a truck mobile has the higher possibility of targeting advertising goals because it reaches even the tiny corners of cities and rural areas.


  • Advertising LED Billboards. YUCHIP has a wide advertising LED billboard series and comprises various pixel pitch options. From P6 to P56, you can choose comprehensive pixel pitch options, and we also welcome customization to meet the standard of your projects. Advertising Billboard has rich color, can display magnificent themes and content clearly and vividly, and is ideal for distant viewing. Billboards play a vital role in the advertising goals of different industries since people tend to remember digital content than in a static or conventional poster.


  • Retail LED DisplayShopping malls are where people gather in big cities and urbanized areas. And it is where you can put great chance to show numerous content for brand awareness, product launch, and multiple brand advertising. Retail LED Display is one way to attract shoppers and mall-goers through its light and creative display content.


  • Taxi Top Advertising LED Display. A taxi top brings a friendlier ambiance, carries more passengers in time, and expands the digital network.


  • Stadium LED Screen. Sports are everywhere these days. Many sports events require an LED Display because it brightens and gives a more excellent appearance to the overall stadium look. It can be used in many different ways, such as billboards, perimeter displays, scoreboards, timeclock, etc. Stadium LED screens ease the spectators from seeing and getting updates during a match; it also facilitates information sharing more conveniently.


  • Energy Saving LED Display. Outdoor LED Displays often come in significant sizes; thus, it also takes so much power to run them. While conventional outdoor displays consume so much electricity, YUCHIP has created a great idea to create a more environmental-friendly LED product. The environment is suffering from too much heat and warming due to the different inventions of today. And one way to continue the development is to invest in products that take care of nature simultaneously. YUCHIP’s energy-saving LED Display requires very little power and electricity to work and has steady performance.


  • Message LED Display. Monochrome LED screens are one proof of the continuous development of the LED display industry. It can easily convey messages, data, and information with its highlight of letters and numbers. You can install a message LED Display in both indoor or outdoor environments since it can cope with both settings, and its brightness can be easily adjusted.


  • Stage LED Screen. Stage events would not look more creative and intense without the lighting and LED displays. The 21st century is an emerge of entertainment and cultural events. People love to watch various performances, concerts, competitions, live shows in a more presentable way. The stage LED wall will surely bring you a clearer and upbeat atmosphere while listening to and enjoying your favorite band’s music, reggae, classical operas, festivities, comedy shows, etc.


  • Rental LED Screen. Rental LED screen is YUCHIP’s most prominent LED display solution. Do you need LED displays for seasonal, perennial or annual events? We have rental events for indoor, outdoor, sports, stage, and dance floor needs. And if you’re looking for ways to extend your profit, you can purchase rental LED displays and do leasing services. Alongside, the rental LED screen comes with boxes and a safety handle to avoid damage and make it easier for transfer and installation.


  • Commercial Advertising LED Screen. Do you need large billboards to help you achieve advertising goals? Do you need an effective medium to channel your brand awareness and launching of your product? Commercial advertising LED display is your best choice. The product comes with an air-condition to facilitate better heat dissipation, is noiseless, and is energy-saving. We designed it to require less to no maintenance feature to help you less-worry with its fixed installation.


  • Conference LED Screen. Are you looking for a high-definition LED display to give your audience an upfront experience during an indoor gathering? Are you organizing a conference and need a viable and transparent presentation to convey your information easily? The panel LED screen will provide you a clear resolution and help you gain confidence during an international meeting or affairs.


  • Trade Show LED Displays. A trade show LED display sets a more excellent presentation during a product launch, exhibits, or trade shows locally or internationally. It has comprehensive pixel pitch options and product categories. You can choose from our flexible, indoor rental, and outdoor rental display series.


  • Transportation LED Screen. Airports, bus terminals, carports, and train stations can be locations for advertising, and installing a transportation LED screen is a great deal. It can advertise, and simultaneously, it can be used for displaying relative information such as train schedules, airport flights, buses’ time arrivals, etc.


  • LED School Sign. In the 21st century, schools are also embarking on digital technology by using various foremost advancements of the new era. From learning computers, different experimentation in laboratories, schools are also engaging in digital LED screen series.


  • Hospitality LED Screen. Tourism is one sector that brings so much profit to the whole economy of one country. And it’s a prerequisite to invest and help the hospitality sector urge forward, especially in digitalized advancements.


  • LED Theater Screen. Movie theaters, museums, cinemas, and other entertainment venues use LED theater screens to increase their prominence and give every viewer and visitor a more comfortable and advanced experience.


  • 3D LED Display. A 3D LED Display is an output of a human’s persistent visual illusion using LED displays. It entertains viewers and gives a friendlier ambiance in cities and urban areas.


  • Museum LED Screen. Museum LED screen brings out a more exciting view in indoor museums. It makes learning more fun and clearer.


3. What Is LED Display Solutions For?


Airport LED Display in Thailand

(Indoor Fixed LED Display in Airport)

LED Display Solutions has a variety of purposes and installations, maintenance, and pixel pitches as well. It is designed to meet and cater to your flexible needs, be it indoors or outdoors. From mobile truck series, dance floor, hologram, and advertising billboards, each product has an indefinite function, and that is to elevate your business in multiple ways.

For indoor installation, you can choose from trim pixel pitch options to meet the closer viewing standard to prevent you from having eye fatigue and other eye problems. While for outdoor ones, it is advisable to pick a high or bigger pixel pitch that is perfect for distant viewing.

Our LED Display solution has flicker-free and distortion-free properties and undergoes series of aging tests to ensure steady performance and quality in the long run.


4. What LED Display Solution Is Best For My Project?


When it comes to your project, the answer always relies on you. However, to give you the best advice, consider things before choosing an LED display product. Those things include the following:

  • Installation. The first thing you need to survey is whether there is an available space for installation. Also, considering the size and weight of the LED panel, the structure should jive, and safety measures should be applied.


  • Location. Is it for indoor or outdoor installation? Is the place good enough to make the LED display visible and catchy? Does it cause destruction or decorates the whole area even more? The location should be safe from other factors such as electrical shock, environmental destruction, etc.


  • Maintenance. You have to ensure the available space to determine whether you can do the care through the front or rear.


  • Purpose. What is your LED Display project for? Is it for advertising or quick information sharing? How will it impact the viewers, and what benefits will you get or gain from it?


  • Customization. If you’re having difficulty choosing the best pixel pitch of your choice, we can help you through customizing your preferred size, pixel pitch, and other options.


5. Why Choose YUCHIP LED Display Solutions?


Curved Outdoor LED Screen P10

(Curved Outdoor LED Screen in Huizhou)

YUCHIP is China’s leading LED Display manufacturer and has been in the LED industry for decades now. Our products include various indoor and outdoor as well as rental LED displays. We also have numerous LED Display solutions that will help you meet your different LED standards and needs.

Our factory is spacious enough to store various machines for manufacturing LED components, and we choose quality LED lamps to ensure the safety and steady performance of the LED panel. We have skilled engineers and personnel to help you meet your needs and guide you regarding LED-relevant issues. We will help you with the customization, maintenance, installation, and warranty services.


6. How Can I Purchase Any LED Display Solutions From YUCHIP?


To furtherly help you with customization, inquiries, and other questions, you can email us at manager@yuchip.com or visit us at our website; https://www.yuchip-led.com/.

We are one call away with regards to your questions and LED Display needs. We look forward to serving and providing you our best quality LED products.



LED Video Wall: Ultimate FAQ Guide


1. What Is An LED Video Wall?


LED Screen in Nigeria

(2 sides x 144sqm P16 LED Advertising Display in Nigeria)

An LED video wall is a large digital display of seamlessly connected screen panels to form one big LED screen.

Video walls contain modules that have light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that produce light and are connected to the video processor. The video processor converts the video signals into lights that are seen from the screen.

Since LED video walls are modular, you can quickly reduce or increase your LED display screen size. This is something that other digital displays cannot offer.

An LED wall is an exemplary digital display to command attention and enhance your audience’s viewing experience.

Its bright and ultramodern appeal makes it easily noticeable by the people and your target market.  You can now communicate your message and brand to your audience in a fashionable way.

An LED video wall can make your digital sign or billboard stand out.

If you want to bring your game to the next level and impress your audience and passersby with a stunning video display, an LED video wall will help you achieve that.


2. What Are The Types Of LED Video Walls?


An LED wall display is a reliable high definition (HD) LED wall. It can cater to the varying needs of its users. These are the type of LED screen walls that you may choose from for your next LED project.

Indoor LED Video Wall. As its name suggests, this type of LED video display screen is used and installed indoors. You can commonly find it in shopping malls, casinos, and other prominent buildings. It is mounted onto the walls or installed behind windows or glass facades.

Outdoor LED Video Wall.  Outdoor big LED video walls are intended for outdoor use. Ys. Outdoor LED displays are created with higher protection features to make them stand against the harsher environment of the outside location. These HD LED walls can be found installed at the exterior part of the buildings.

Flat LED Video Display. These LED screens are the most commonly used LED wall. You can see it mostly indoors and is installed on a straight wall. It gives a clear and life-like view of the visual displays and effects.

Curved LED Video Display. Another type of the LED video wall is the curved screen LED wall. It offers a more stylish design and is less sensitive to reflection.


3. What Are The Uses Of LED Video Walls?


Stadium LED Screen P4

(Stadium LED Screen for the 17th Fina World Championship)

A large LED video screen is a multifunctional LED screen. It can be used for different purposes. Some of its applications are as follows:

Shopping Malls. HD LED screen walls are a powerful tool to entice and interest mall-goers and shoppers. It allows you to deliver high-quality and captivating audiovisual displays for your audience to enjoy. Its large format and bright colors command attention, providing a message or advertising a product more effectively.

Control Room. Control rooms typically have large LED video screens. It helps the viewers and watchers have a better way of looking at what is going on. LED video walls help them perform their duties more effectively.

Airports. LED video walls are also used in airports. It is used as decorative digital displays ideal for communicating with the passengers and raising awareness for some businesses and brands.

Amusement and Entertainment Park. Amusement parks also use LED video wall panels to attract more guests and entertain their visitors. LED video panels to help showcase interesting, bright-colored, exciting visual content.

Stadiums. Video wall panels are also in demand for stadium use. The stadium holds thousands every time there is an event. HD LED wall is used to engage and involve everyone. It increases participation and enhances the viewing experience of the viewers.

Other applications of LED video walls include TV stations, corporate businesses, hotels, casinos, etc.


4. What Makes An LED Video Wall Better Than A Traditional Wall Projector?


LED video walls are often compared with traditional projectors and digital displays. Big LED displays have become a popular alternative to a large-format visual display.

Here are some reasons why LED video display boards are better than a traditional projector and digital signages.

The LED video wall is brighter. The LED wall displays utilize DIP LED and SMD LED technology, and they are relatively more illuminated than the traditional projector. These technologies are way more advanced than the lighting technology used in conventional video displays.

LED video walls are easier to maintain. LED video walls do not require constant assembling and dismantling. Once installed, you just now do a ‘plug and play’ with your digital screen.

LED video walls have superior performance.  When it comes to delivering dynamic displays, LED video walls are more reliable. It offers high-definition, full-color visual displays that are visible in broad daylight. An LED video wall also allows you to stream multiple and complex contents, which a traditional projector cannot do.

LED video walls last longer. You can expect a crisp and bright image display with your LED screen for many years without any decline in its brightness and display quality. On the other hand, projector bulbs typically lose their brightness over time.


5. What Content And File Formats Does An LED Video Wall Support?


Street Pole LED Display P5

(P5 Street Pole LED Display)

You can play almost all kinds of file content on your LED video wall. It is a very flexible LED screen tool that allows you to deliver numerous contents simultaneously or successively in a very creative and recognizable way.

You can showcase the following contents using your video wall panels:

Text Message. If you want to communicate with your audience, an LED display wall lets you deliver text messages for your target readers. Its wide viewing angle and bright colors make the content easier to see and read.

Images. You can also choose to display colorful photos of your products. You can either display static or moving images. You may also showcase both at the same time.

Static. Pictures that stay still; do not move.

Moving. Pictures that are in motion.

Video. You can also use your LED screen wall to play short videos such as commercial clips, video messages, teasers, etc. Because of its sleek look and power imaging capacity, the LED video wall will give your audience a different and engaging viewing experience.

Audio File. Video wall panels have a built-in sound system, so you can play the audio file for your audience and guests to enjoy. The more senses are involved, the better the experience.

Another good news is that an LED video wall allows you to play these contents simultaneously. It all depends on what you want and what your audience needs.

Moreover, all major formats for these files are supported by an LED video wall. What works in your computers will also work with an LED video screen.


6. How Do LED Video Walls Work?


An LED video wall works by connecting several LED screen panels. These LED screen panels are configured to function as one unit or one big LED screen.

Each screen display has ultra-thin bezels to minimize the gap between the LED screen panels and achieve a seamless connection.

There are two ways to set up your LED video wall; single image set up and multiple images setup.

Single Setup. A single setup is a video wall display that shows one big image. If you have an extended monitor at home or in your office, it works just like that. Unique software allows your screen to be daisy-chained using regular video cables such as HDMI or DVI. You can connect the video wall to a standard laptop or computer, and the software will stretch the image to all selected screen panels.

Multiple Images. For displaying numerous images all at once, a video wall processor is required. This processor will take various video signals from multiple computers or laptops. The software will allow you to display those images on your video wall in whatever format or size you want.


7. How To Manage Or Control LED Video Walls?


LED Advertising Display in France

(P10 LED Advertising Screen in France)

The LED video is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage LED display. It can be managed and controlled using a hardware controller and software or video-card controller.

Hardware-based Controller. You can manage your video wall content with a hardware-based controller. This controller is specifically created for this purpose. It has a processor, memory, and interface bus to communicate/be connected through various networks. You can import display content files such as video and audio through this, and it will transfer the content to your LED video wall for display.

Software-based Controller. This type of control method makes use of an industrial computer as a controller. A PC-based controller supports multiple applications that utilize the full resolution of your video LED screen. Downloadable video display controller software provides your computer with your LED video wall configuration and management tools.

Some LED video wall displays also have a built-in controller called a matrix processor or matrix splitter.

If you want to learn more about LED video wall management and control methods for our LED video wall displays, please feel free to contact us.

(9 Steps Show You How to Connect LED Video Wall Module )


8. What Is The Lifespan Of An LED Video Wall?


The lifespan of an LED video wall can range from 100,000 to 120,000 hours. That is equivalent to 11-15 years. This lifespan refers to good-quality LED video walls, meaning the materials used are of excellent quality.

This estimated lifespan of the LED video wall is based on optimal working conditions. The harsher you use your HD LED video wall, the less you can expect that it will last.

To ensure that you will maximize your LED wall display, make sure to follow proper maintenance procedures.

You may check out our previous ultimate FAQ guideposts for some tips on how to properly maintain your LED screens.

You may also check our How to Realize Better Uses of LED Display post.


9. What Are The Benefits Of Using LED Video Walls?


Transparent LED Screen in Mall

(P3.9 Transparent LED Screen in Shopping Mall)

A video LED wall has great features dedicated to providing its users with great benefits.

It delivers an ultra HD display and excellent effects.

YUCHIP LED video displays are one to beat when it comes to displaying clarity and screen brightness.  Our video wall panels offer ultra-high dynamic contrast and ultra-high definition resolution for perfect pictures and image quality. It helps you deliver an unprecedented viewing experience for your audience, and it significantly enhances the value of advertising materials and services.

It has a perfect structural design.

The cast aluminum materials are lightweight and underwent a high-precision production process. It uses high-quality aircraft spark plugs and a fast lock mechanism for a direct connection. Screen gaps are adjustable to ensure seamless splicing.

It is easy to install and assemble.

Our LED video wall screen is relatively faster to install compared to a traditional big digital display. It has a structure that is engineered to allow quick installation and removal.

It offers a wide viewing angle.

The LED video wall offers a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical. It allows brightness adjustment and delivers a color gamut that matches the broadcast standard.

It offers a smooth display Image. It has a high refresh rate of 2000 Hz. It delivers a smooth image display suitable for photo capturing using a professional camera with a 1/2000 shutter speed (more or less).


10. What Are The Things To Consider When Purchasing An LED Video Wall?


If you are about to embark upon an LED video display wall project, there are few things that you have to consider before you start buying:

Screen Size. This factor would be one of the first questions that your provider will ask. How do you want your wall display? Your preferred screen size will determine the number of LED panels needed.  To help you decide on the screen size of the video LED wall, consider the space where you wish to have it mounted onto. Ensure that your area is enough for the footage LED wall.

Display Quality. It is safe to assume that when you want an HD LED display that has superior performance. When purchasing perfect pitch LED wall displays, make sure you choose the high contrast ratio and brightness and a wide color gamut.

Audience Distance. LED video wall panels come in various resolution qualities. The appropriate pixel resolution for your screen is dependent on how close your audience will be to the video wall. If the viewers are close to your video wall, choose a screen with high-resolution LED panels or lower pixel pitch.

Location. If you plan to have your HD video wall outdoors, choose the LED screens for outdoor use. Outdoor LED walls require a higher protection rate so they could withstand a harsher environment.

Installation Method. Another thing to consider is how to want to install your LED video wall. You may have it mounted on the wall or hanging mid-air. Each installation method requires different installation tools and equipment.


11. How Much Does An LED Video Wall Cost?


Outdoor LED Screen in Columbia

(P6 Outdoor LED Billboard in the UK)

The LED video panel price varies depending on various factors.

These factors are enumerated and explained in detail in “What are the things to consider when purchasing an LED video wall?” FAQ guide question.

If you already have the information in the previous question, you may contact your LED video wall provider and request a quote.

The price quote is a document that will give you an actual estimate of how much your LED video wall project would cost.

For any inquiries regarding our products and services, you can message us through our website or send us an email at manager@yuchip.com.


12. Aside From The Video Wall Screens, What Other Expenses Should I Expect When Purchasing An LED Video Wall?


When you purchase an LED video wall for sale, expect other expenses that you need to consider.

These additional expenses may or may not be included in the price quote provided, so we are listing them down for you:

Shipping Cost. Most LED screen panels are delivered overseas. When buying an LED video wall screen, expect an additional charge for shipping your ordered products. This cost varies depending on your location and the bulk of your order. Ask your provider for an actual shipping fee for your orders.

Installation Cost. Installation costs may include labor fees, materials expenses, and mapping. Different installation methods require unique tools and materials.

Spare Parts. It is necessary to have enough spare parts and supplies like modules that last you for years.

Warranty. Some LED suppliers and providers offer free warranties for their LED products. Make sure to ask your provider about that. We, at YUHCHIP, provide at least a 2-year warranty for our LED screen panels.

Taxes. You may ask your local customs office for any state tax for your products’ shipment.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about our LED video wall screen products and services.


13.  Where Can I Purchase A New LED Video Wall, And What Services Are Included?


LED Poster Outdoor

(LED Poster for Outdoor and Indoor)

YUCHIP has been a trusted LED product and services provider since 2004.

Our headquarter is located in China, but we also have branches in some parts of the world like India, Thailand, the USA, etc. We have conquered the global LED market by already exporting LED products to over 104 countries worldwide.

YUCHIP is an all-in-one LED solution provider. We custom make LED screens to suit your needs and supply led video wall rental, deliver LED products worldwide, and provide other LED-related services to cater to all of your LED display needs.

We will help you achieve your dream LED video wall display. Our LED experts and well-trained personnel are more than willing to attend to your LED requests and needs.

Our focus is to provide you with top-notch LED technology products and high-performing visual displays.

If you want to know more information about our products and services, please contact us at manager@yuchip.com.


14. How Can I Repair, Replace Parts, Or Send LED Video Wall Components Under Warranty For Factory Repair?


You can find some helpful videos on our YouTube Channel to guide you with your LED screen concerns. You may click on the links below:

For more related videos, visit our YouTube channel.

For further inquiries, please message us on our website or email us at manager@yuchip.com.

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