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Outdoor LED Screen

The outdoor LED screen offers a dynamic visual effect that quickly catches people’s attention at just a glance. This modern technology combines vivid colors and high-resolution imagery to create a visually appealing and attention-grabbing experience for passersby. Its advanced features make it an ideal tool for advertising, public announcements, or showcasing artistic content in urban environments.
  • YUCHIP, a leading manufacturer in China, boasts 19 years of successful experience producing outdoor LED screens.
  • Our products are known for IP65 to IP68 waterproof ratings, ensuring vivid imagery with a high brightness level of up to 10,000 nits, making them visible even under direct sunlight.
  • YUCHIP’s outdoor LED screens adhere to international standards, including CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC, TUV-EMC, Saber, BIS, and SONCAP, ensuring quality and reliability in their design and functionality.

Outdoor LED Screen Product Categories

Outdoor LED screens offer a fantastic way to show different content, such as text, images, and videos, to attract an audience. They are widely used as advertising LED screens, stadium LED screens, church LED screens, and more. YUCHIP’s high-quality outdoor LED screen has been exported to over 102 countries as a global LED screen supplier.

YUCHIP’s superb outdoor LED display screen was installed and awarded at World Expo Astana, the 17th Fina World Championship, the largest group of trailer LED screens in Germany, the giant LED screen in South America, etc.

LED Screen Eco Pro

The Eco Pro Series LED Screen offers stunning visuals with its diverse pixel pitches. Its pixel pitches may range from P3.91 to P10.42, suitable for outdoor and other advertising applications. Its sleek design ensures a lightweight panel.

Eco Series LED Screen

The Eco Series LED Screen is an environmentally friendly display solution, combining vibrant visuals with energy efficiency and sustainable design. It minimizes environmental impact while delivering captivating visual experiences for various applications.

Outdoor LED Display Screen

Great pixel pitch ranges from P2.5, P3.076, P4, P5, P6.67, P8, to P10. The ultra-thin and lightweight cabinet saves your structure and labor cost. It uses a high-precision die-casting aluminum cabinet with only 100mm thickness and 32kg per cabinet.

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Why YUCHIP Outdoor LED Screen

YUCHIP manufactures its outdoor LED screens with cutting-edge techniques and equipment, ensuring the highest quality products. When you choose YUCHIP, you not only receive top-tier outdoor LED displays, but also premium service that includes expert consultation, efficient installation, and dedicated after-sales support. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each LED screen delivers superior performance, durability, and visual impact, making them a trusted choice for diverse outdoor applications.

  • YUCHIP operates from a 15,000 square meter factory, staffed by 260 skilled professionals, ensuring timely delivery of your outdoor LED screen.
  • As a one-stop supplier, YUCHIP offers various outdoor LED screens with pixel pitches varying from 2.5mm to 50mm, catering to different viewing distance requirements and application scenarios.
  • The construction of these screens involves industry-leading components, allowing YUCHIP to provide a warranty of 3-5 years confidently. This warranty reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, underscoring our position as a reliable partner in the LED screen industry.

Customize Your Outdoor LED Screen Project

If you’re seeking an outdoor LED screen to integrate into an existing structure or need a creative outdoor LED display, YUCHIP, a leading LED display manufacturer in China, is ready to offer a comprehensive and customized solution.

With our expertise, we can assist in selecting the ideal LED screen for your specific requirements, whether for commercial advertising, architectural integration, or artistic installations. Our team provides end-to-end services, from design consultation to installation and maintenance, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation of your outdoor LED display project.

  • YUCHIP can tailor the size of each outdoor LED screen specifically for your project, ensuring a seamless build. We are skilled in personalizing the shape of outdoor LED video walls, offering options like flat, curved, triangle, round, and more to fit your unique vision.
  • Additionally, YUCHIP offers customization in pixel pitch and provides specialized second-development LED software. Our approach is to turn your vision into reality, with a commitment to delivering customized, innovative LED solutions that meet your specific needs and creative aspirations.
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YUCHIP: Your Professional Outdoor LED Screen Supplier

Since 2004, YUCHIP has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier in the outdoor LED display screen industry. Adhering to the ISO9001-2015 management system, their products meet various international standards, ensuring quality and reliability. YUCHIP is dedicated to providing responsive customer service, available 24/7 from their Shenzhen headquarters.

To facilitate rapid delivery and enhance customer support, YUCHIP has expanded its global presence with branch offices in Germany, Hungary, and Peru, alongside authorized dealers in America, Italy, Malaysia, and Thailand. Furthermore, they have established an installation and service team in Nigeria, specifically catering to the African market, showcasing their commitment to global reach and localized support.

Latest Outdoor LED Screen Projects We Finished

LED Screen for Advertising Outdoor Price
It is a massive 402 sqm outdoor LED screen used for advertising, valued at P16, making it the largest in South America.
LED Screen Outdoor China
It is the largest outdoor HD LED screen in Vietnam, measuring 140 sqm and featuring a P5 SMD2727 LED display.
Outdoor LED Large Screen Display
It measures 240sqm and used P4.8 outdoor LED screens. Its four sides LED video wall panels connect seamlessly.
Outdoor LED Display Screen
This P10 outdoor double sided LED sign measures 2x84sqm. The main advantages are front maintenance and remote control.
Pixel Pitch(PH)




Module Size (mm*mm)




Module Resolution (pixels)




Cabinet Size (mm*mm)

960*960*90 / Customized

Scan Mode




Pixel Configuration

3 in 1

LED Lamps




Pixel Density (pixel/m²)








Max Consumption(w/m²)




Ave Consumption(w/m²)





Cabinet Weight (kg)

28 / 42 / 35


Rear Side

Cabinet Material

Die Casting Aluminum / Steel / Aluminum

Front/Rear IP Level

IP65 / IP54

Color Contrast Ratio


Gray Grade


Refresh Frequency (Hz)

1920HZ / 3840HZ

Repetition Frequency (Hz)


View Angle (V/H)


Best Viewing Distance (M)




Working Voltage

AC110 / AC220V

Working Temperature (ºc)


Operation Humidity (Rh)


Display Lifetime (Hours)



You can use an LED screen display outdoors to show different contents such as text, images, and videos to attract an audience from small and great distances.

You can use it for a store sign or billboard because its brightness allows it to be seen in broad daylight.

(P16 Advertising LED Screen in Denmark)

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Outdoor LED Screen: The Ultimate Guide


Today, outdoor LED screens have become powerful tools for global visual communication. These towering displays have transformed cities, sports venues, entertainment hubs, and business spaces, changing how we share information, entertain, and advertise.

We tailored this guide to simplify the complex world of outdoor LED screens, covering their history, uses, technology, benefits, and critical considerations. If any questions about outdoor LED screens are left unanswered throughout this guide, please don’t hesitate to message us at manager@yuchip.com.

Table Of Contents
  1. What Is An Outdoor LED Screen?
  2. Is LED Or LCD Better For Outside Viewing?
  3. What Is The Lifespan Of An Outdoor LED Screen?
  4. How Do You Install An Outdoor LED Screen Display?
  5. How Much Does An Outdoor LED Screen Cost?
  6. What Is A Good Pixel Pitch For An Outdoor LED Display?
  7. Does An Outdoor LED Screen Have Automatic Brightness Adaptation?
  8. What Is The Meaning Of IP (Ingress Protection) Rating?
  9. What IP Rating Is Suitable For An Outdoor LED Screen?
  10. What Safety Features Should An Outdoor LED Screen Have?
  11. What Are The Best Outdoor LED Screens?
  12. Where Can I Find Outdoor LED Screen Rentals?


What Is An Outdoor LED Screen?

An outdoor LED screen is an electronic device that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. You can use an outdoor LED screen display to show different contents such as text, images, and videos to attract an audience from small and great distances.

Outdoor SMD LED Screen
Outdoor SMD LED Screen

You can use it for a store sign or billboard because its brightness allows it to be seen in broad daylight. LED displays also have higher contrast ratios than traditional projector screens, making them ideal for large, uninterrupted video walls. These widely used LED screens for advertising outdoors also work as destination indicators on public buses and taxis and traffic signs on some highways.

Is LED Or LCD Better For Outside Viewing?

LED Display Screen Outdoor
LED Display Screen Outdoor

If you plan to put a screen display for people to see from several feet away or in the open air, you might want to go with an LED screen. Outdoor LED screen specifications make your display images and videos more eye-catching for the audience and passersby.

LCD or Liquid crystal displays create images bypassing backlight through tiny crystals inside the display. These liquid crystals tend to get fragile and bulky as display size increases. The display comprises rows and columns of tiny light bulbs on LED or Light-emitting diodes. It makes the display lighter and more vibrant.

The outdoor LED screen gives you significantly brighter and better color differentiation that can be seen in any ambient light conditions. LED also has a broader viewing angle than LCD, making it more suitable for outside viewing.

What Is The Lifespan Of An Outdoor LED Screen?

An outdoor LED screen can last from 80,000 hours to about 120,000 hours. That is around nine to 13 years, depending on the materials used by the manufacturers. This lifespan is based on optimal conditions. The harsher you use your outdoor LED screen, the less you can expect it to last.

We installed a P20 Outdoor LED Screen In 2012 located in Peru. It still worked adequately in 2021.

With proper maintenance and installation, you can make an outdoor LED screen for over 15 years. Other significant factors that affect the lifespan of an outdoor LED screen are temperature and luminosity.  To avoid increasing temperature, you should program LED electronics with not more than the recommended brightness range.

How Do You Install An Outdoor LED Screen Display?

P16 Outdoor LED Display
P16 Outdoor LED Display

There are various ways to install an outdoor LED screen display. Some installation methods are called embedded, hoisting, step, column, and wall hanging. Remember that an outdoor LED (large) display is a highly customized electronic device.

An outdoor LED screen display shall only be installed and maintained by qualified technicians for safety purposes. Improper installation of LED screens may cause electric shock, fire, or severe damage and death.

It is advisable to call professional maintenance personnel to install or repair the LED screen.

How Much Does An Outdoor LED Screen Cost?

You can find an LED outdoor screen for sale in China from the US $ 300 to the US $ 3 500 per screen panel. Outdoor LED screen price varies depending on the specifications that you are looking for. A cheap outdoor LED screen is not always the best choice for you.

LED screens for outdoor advertising mainly depend on the size, pixel pitch, programming, and manufacturers. You can expect that the higher the size, the higher the price.

Outdoor LED Displays In Big Cities
Outdoor LED Displays In Big Cities

Also, the smaller pixel pitch means higher pixel density (resolution). The higher the resolution, the sharper and more accurate the display. Therefore, the smaller the pixel pitch, the more expensive it can be.

The most commonly quoted screen pixel pitch is 4mm, which you can sell from the US $ 600 – to the US $ 1 900.

What Is A Good Pixel Pitch For An Outdoor LED Display?

The recommended pixel pitch for close viewing ranges from 3mm to 6mm for your outdoor LED display. LED screen with 16mm to 20mm is commonly used for distance viewing. When choosing the right pixel pitch for your LED display, you have to consider the viewing distance of your audience.

You can calculate the optimal viewing distance by dividing the pixel pitch (mm) by 0.3 – 0.8. For instance, an LED screen with a 16mm pixel pitch is best viewed from 20 to 53 meters. Viewing the LED screen display beyond this point will have less clarity.

While this calculation can help you understand which pixel pitch to choose, other factors must be considered, such as purpose, budget, and cabinet type. It is always best for you, so consult an LED screen expert to help you select the best LED screen pixel pitch to cater to your needs.

Does An Outdoor LED Screen Have Automatic Brightness Adaptation?

Most outdoor LED screens are intelligent sensors and automatic brightness adjustment systems that adapt to lighting conditions. You can automate the brightness level of your LED screen by installing a brightness sensor on it.

Outdoor LED Devices In New York
Outdoor LED Devices In New York

These brightness sensors are composed of a photoreceptor and a control card. The photoreceptor detects the light level. The control card interprets it to assign a brightness value to the LED screen.

If you want to ensure that your outdoor display does not cause visual disturbances among the viewers, it is recommended to look for LED screens and panels with light control systems.

What Is The Meaning Of IP (Ingress Protection) Rating?

The ingress protection code called the International Protection Code, classifies the degree of sealing protection an electrical enclosure offers against solid and liquid intrusions.

You can find the rating by looking for the letter “IP,” which is always followed by two digits. The first number represents the protection against substantial intrusion, and the second digit defines the protection against various moisture.

Below is an IP rating reference chart to guide you:

First DigitProtection Against Solid IntrusionSecond DigitProtection Against Moisture/Water
0No protection from solids.0Not protected from liquids.
1They are protected from touch by hands greater than 50 millimeters.1Protected from condensation.
2They are protected from touch by fingers and objects greater than 12 millimeters.2It is protected from water spray less than 15 degrees vertical.
3They are protected from tools and wires more significant than 2.5 millimeters.3It is protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical.
4Protected from devices and small wires greater than 1 millimeter4Protected from water spray from any direction.
5Protected from limited dust ingress.5Protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction
6Protected from total dust ingress.6They are protected from high-pressure water jets from any order.
7Protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth.
8Protected from long-term immersion up to a specified pressure.
9Protected from steam-jet cleaning.


What IP Rating Is Suitable For An Outdoor LED Screen?

The recommended IP rating for your outdoor LED screen display should be at least IP65. The IP rating of your LED screen depends on the environment where you will put it. The harsher the ground, the higher the IP rating you need.

Outdoor LED Display Screens Are Waterproof

If you plan to install your LED screen display in a place with lots of dust and risk of being in contact with any concrete debris or liquid, you must ensure that the IP ratings are high and have adequate water resistance.

If your setting is an open outdoor area with high contact areas (heavy foot traffic or there would be people touching them) and it may be a wet location, LED screens with high IP ratings are appropriate.

What Safety Features Should An Outdoor LED Screen Have?

It will help if you are looking for outdoor LED screens that are resilient to external harsh weather conditions. An outdoor LED display screen is recommended to have waterproof and dustproof protection features.

Buildings And Outdoor LED Screens
Buildings And Outdoor LED Screens

Your LED display screen for advertising outdoors should also have anti-lightning features to protect your LED screen during thunderstorms. You also have to consider the cooling system of your LED outdoor display screen. This is to avoid overheating, which can deteriorate the performance of your LED screen.

To maximize screen protection, consider gearing outdoor LED displays with anti-theft function locks and a solid foundation support structure.

What Are The Best Outdoor LED Screens?

You must identify your business needs before choosing the best outdoor LED screens.

What are you going to use it for?

What is your target viewing distance?

Where are you going to install it?

Your answers to these questions will guide you in selecting the right LED screen display. You do not want to overpay for something that will not give you and your audience the desired experience.

The Largest Outdoor LED Screen In South America, 402sqm P16 LED.

Here at YUCHIP, you can meet with our highly skilled team of marketing and technical experts who are more than willing to join you in your LED screen project journey.

So whether you are a large organization looking to rebrand multiple locations across the country or a smaller business looking to create one showstopper LED display for your business location, we can help.

Where Can I Find Outdoor LED Screen Rentals?

If you are looking for a reliable and globally recognized LED outdoor screen manufacturer and supplier, Yuchip rental LED panels cater to all your LED display needs.

LED Screen Display Outdoors
LED Screen Display Outdoors

Yuchip’s quality LED screen has been exported to over 102 countries since 2004. Our great range of LED displays includes outdoor LED displays, indoor LED screens, rental LED displays, transparent LED displays, LED posters, flexible LED displays, HD LED screens, mobile LED video screens, LED wall controllers, and more.

Our mission and delight is to help customers transfer any desired space into the digital world.

Would you like more information? Contact us today; we have the experience, vision, and insight to create, manage, and implement your best LED screen solution.

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