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LED Display Ball

A LED display ball, also known as an LED sphere or LED globe, is a spherical structure equipped with numerous LED panels in a spherical shape to display dynamic images, videos, graphics, and text in a three-dimensional format.
  • The LED display ball provides a versatile solution with customizable diameters ranging from 0.8m to 10m, meeting your space availability and specific needs.
  • You can select pixel pitches ranging from P1.25 to P10 based on the specific diameter of the ball, viewing distance, and resolution requirements.
  • The LED sphere display is versatile, suitable for either indoor or outdoor with IP65 rating. It offers flexible installation like hanging and standing, making it ideal for permanent installations as well as rental events.

LED Display Ball Product Categories

LED display balls come in various categories to suit different applications and environments. Typically, indoor LED display balls have smaller diameters, and feature smaller pixel pitches such as P2, P2.5, and P3, making them ideal for closer viewing distances. Outdoor LED sphere display designed with IP65 waterproof ratings and high brightness capabilities to withstand outdoor conditions, including sunlight. It often has bigger diameters and larger pixel pitches like P5, P6, P8, and P10 to ensure visibility and a better balance between display resolution and investment cost.

When LED display balls intended for permanent installations and have larger diameters bigger than 2.5m, they are typically divided into 4, 8, or 16 parts, and packed into wooden cases to assemble a big ball at the installation site. For rental events LED display balls, they are designed as complete units with no assembly required, shipped in flight cases, ensuring durability and ease of transportation between event locations.

P4 LED Display Ball

The P4 LED Ball is an innovative, ball-shaped LED display known for its 360-degree viewing capability, providing high-impact and attention-grabbing visuals from all angles. This design enhances the viewer’s experience, making it ideal for venues seeking dynamic visuals.

P5 LED Display Ball

The LED ball screen offers various pixel pitch options for different visual needs. The 4mm pixel pitch is the most sought-after. In comparison, other options include 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 10mm, each providing varying levels of clarity and resolution for diverse visual display requirements.

P6 LED Ball Display

The P6 LED Ball Display, also known as the spherical LED display, offers a full-color, 360-degree viewing experience with a 6mm pixel pitch. Thanks to its adaptability and engaging visual presentation, its versatile design makes it a popular choice across various industries.

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Quality LED Sphere Display to Capture Your Visitors' Attention

A superior LED sphere display is not just eye-catching; it’s also reliable and user-friendly. Our LED sphere displays exemplify these qualities through innovative design features and meticulous attention to detail.

  • For optimal performance, we’ve incorporated tiny heat dissipation holes in the PCB, allowing heat to escape from the inside of the sphere.
  • From high-precision spherical structures to meticulously designed circuits and optimal PCB thickness, each component is carefully crafted for the longevity and reliability of the LED sphere display.
  • Our LED spheres have been showcased at prestigious events worldwide, including the World Expo, Argentina National Museum, Russia Air Expo, and many others. This is a testament to its reliability, versatility, and ability to captivate audiences on a global scale.

Rest Assured with YUCHIP LED Globe Display

Our LED globe displays offer clients user-friendly software for easy program uploading, 24/7 support including on-site assistance, a 3-5 year warranty, and international certifications to enhance global business prospects.

  • YUCHIP’s LED globe display offers user-friendly configuration and operation. Our software is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to upload programs just like you would for a standard square or rectangle screen.
  • In addition to 24/7 remote assistance and video call support, we can dispatch senior software and hardware engineers to provide on-site guidance for globe installation as needed.
  • We stand behind the quality and reliability of our products with a 3-5 year warranty. Our LED globe displays also come with international certificates to support your global business development efforts.
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YUCHIP: Your Professional LED Display Ball Manufacturer

As China’s leading LED display manufacturer with 19 years of experience, YUCHIP is your excellent partner in supplying LED Ball Displays. Our management system aligns with ISO9001-2015 standards, ensuring our products meet international quality certifications.

At YUCHIP, our marketing and technical experts team is highly skilled and ready to handle your LED ball display projects. We also provide exceptional 24/7 service throughout project management, ensuring a seamless and supportive experience.

LED Display Ball Projects We Finished

LED Globe Display
LED Display Ball usually comes with IP65, is waterproof, and is perfect for outdoor fixed or outdoor hanging installation.
LED Sphere Screen
LED Display Ball is also ideal for museums. It creates a friendlier feeling, and learning becomes more exciting.
Sphere Display
Shopping malls are where you can advertise well. With an LED Display Ball, advertising becomes easier and effective.
LED Ball Screen
Internationals exhibits are where prominent products are from. An LED Display Ball can make exhibits more exciting.
Indoor LED Display BallOutdoor LED Display Ball
Pixel Pitch(PH)P4P4.81P4P5P6P8P10
Diameter (m)2 / 3.2 / 41.2 / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.4 / 3 / 3.6332.5 / 332.5 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 10
Scan Mode1/161/161/81/401/41/27
Pixel Configuration3 in 13 in 1
LED LampsSMD2121SMD1921SMD2727SMD3535
Pixel Density(pixel/m²)62500432646250040000277771562510000
Max Consumption(W/m²)700700800
Ave Consumption(W/m²)250250310
MaintenanceFront SideFront Side
Cabinet MaterialSteelSteel
Front/Rear IP LevelIP43IP65
Color Contrast Ratio5000:15000:1
Gray Grade14bit16bit
Refresh Frequency (Hz)1920HZ / 3840HZ1920HZ / 3840HZ
Repetition Frequency (Hz)50/60HZ50/60HZ
View Angle H/V160°/160°160°/160°
Best Viewing Distance (m)45456810
Working VoltageAC110 / AC220VAC110 / AC220V
Working Temperature (ºC)-30~+80℃-30~+80℃
Operation Humidity (RH)0-95%0-95%
Display Lifetime (hours)≥100000≥100000

(3.6m Diameter P4 LED Display Ball for Argentina National Museum)


(1.2m Diameter P4 LED Ball Screen for Russia)

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LED Display Ball: Ultimate FAQ Guide


Have you ever been captivated by a vibrant, spherical display pulsating with life? If so, you’ve likely encountered the mesmerizing world of LED display balls. These innovative displays have taken the world by storm, captivating audiences with immersive 360-degree visuals.

But what exactly are LED display balls? How do they work? And where are they used?

This comprehensive FAQ guide will answer all your questions and give you everything you need about these fascinating displays.

Table Of Contents
  1. What Is An LED Display Ball?
  2. What Are The Main Features Of An LED Sphere Display?
  3. Applications Of LED Display Balls
  4. LED Ball Screen Vs. Traditional LED Screens
  5. Are LED Display Ball Size And Pixel Pitch Customizable?
  6. Are LED Display Balls Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use?
  7. What Are The Different Ways To Install An LED Ball Display?
  8. Where Can I Find A Trusted Supplier Of  LED Globe Displays?
  9. FAQs
  10. Conclusion


What Is An LED Display Ball?

An LED Display Ball, also known as an LED Ball Screen or Sphere LED Screen, is a modern innovation in visual technology. It’s essentially a spherical LED display that offers 360-degree visibility. Unlike traditional flat LED screens, these spherical displays provide an immersive viewing experience, making them highly desirable in various applications.

Ball LED Display
Ball LED Display

History and Evolution

The concept of spherical displays isn’t entirely new, but using LED technology to create such a display is a relatively recent development. Over the years, advancements in LED technology and manufacturing techniques have made it possible to produce these impressive LED Display Balls.

What Are The Main Features Of An LED Sphere Display?

Spherical Screen
Spherical Screen

In recent years, using regularly shaped digital displays to utilize irregular shapes shows has become a trend. The spherical display screen is one of the newest digital displays gaining so much popularity today.

LED ball display has some unique features to offer to its users and viewers, such as:

Spherical Shape: The unique spherical design of LED Display Balls sets them apart from traditional flat screens. This shape allows for a 360-degree viewing experience, making every angle a “front view.”

Viewing Angle. As its name suggests, the LED ball display offers a whole 360 viewing angle. You can display the text content, images, and videos in all directions without interruptions. You can give your audience a better viewing experience, capturing viewers’ attention from all angles.

Spatial Flexibility: Due to their spherical design, LED Display Balls can be hung, placed on the ground, or even displayed floating on water. This spatial flexibility is unique to this type of display.

Globe Mapping: Due to their spherical shape, LED Display Balls can be used for accurate globe mapping. This makes them ideal for displaying global data or creating interactive earth models, a feature impossible with flat screens.

Applications Of LED Display Balls

Advertising And Brand Promotion

LED Display Balls are becoming essential tools for advertising and brand promotion. They grab consumer attention with their eye-catching visuals and interactive features, effectively conveying brand messages and engaging potential customers. These displays showcase products, create immersive brand experiences, and leave a lasting impact on consumers, fostering brand recognition and loyalty.

Live Events And Concerts

LED Display Balls enhance live events and concerts by offering a 360-degree visual experience. They synchronize dynamic visuals with live performances, captivating the audience and adding to the event’s appeal. These displays intensify the emotional connection between performers and attendees, creating a memorable sensory fusion. LED Display Balls also serve as versatile platforms for artistic expression, allowing customization to match the event’s theme or convey specific messages, thus making each performance unique.

Museums And Exhibitions

In museums and exhibitions, LED Display Balls captivatingly showcase art, information, or interactive content, transforming traditional displays into engaging visitor experiences. These versatile displays actively immerse visitors in dynamic presentations, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of exhibits while fostering a deeper connection with the content. The interactive capabilities of LED Display Balls allow visitors to actively participate in the learning process, making museums and exhibitions more memorable and educational.

LED Ball Screen Vs. Traditional LED Screens

While traditional LED screens are flat and provide a limited viewing angle, LED Ball Screens offer a 360-degree viewing angle. This unique feature allows them to display content that can be seen from all directions, providing a more immersive and interactive experience for viewers. This makes LED Ball Screens more practical for advertising, live events, and other public displays.

3D LED Display Globe Project

Are LED Display Ball Size And Pixel Pitch Customizable?

Yes, customized diameter size and pixel resolution are available. You may decide on the size of your spherical screens and their pixel pitch value. You can customize your LED display ball to suit your event.

We offer a wide range of diameter options regarding the LED ball diameter. We have available sizes from 0.8m to 8m. The most commonly requested LED sphere diameter is 1.5m. But then again, you may ask for your preferred diameter size.

Spherical Display
Spherical Display

We have the most widely used 4mm pixel resolution for pixel pitch options. However, LED ball screens have 5mm, 6mm, and 10mm pixel resolutions.

As a guide, you must remember that you will need a smaller pixel pitch value if you need a better resolution for images and video display, which is required for close viewing.

If you are still unsure about the right size and pixel pitch value for your LED ball display project, you may reach us via email at manager@yuchip.com.

We can customize a spherical display screen just for you. So rest assured that we are here to assist you with your every LED need.

Are LED Display Balls Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use?

Sphere Display
Sphere Display

You may decide whether to install your LED ball display indoors or outdoors.

If you plan to install your LED display ball indoors, choose a 360-degree LED display with a lower pixel pitch. Preferably, a pixel pitch value not greater than 4mm.

Moreover, spherical screens were created explicitly for outdoor use. These are made of LED sphere panels with a higher pixel pitch resolution.

The Outdoor LED globe display also has a higher ingress protection rate. This rating ensures that your LED display ball has protection against the harsh environment of the outside world.

It gives your display dust and water-resistant features that allow your LED display to remain operational even if it’s outside. Hence, you may continue to promote your brand and business and showcase your beautiful display content even when it rains.

Consider our spherical screen display if you need a uniquely flawless LED display for indoor or outdoor use.

If you wish to have your LED ball display, contact us and tell us about it today. We will provide a thoughtfully curated LED ball display to meet your needs.

What Are The Different Ways To Install An LED Ball Display?

LED Ball Display
LED Ball Display

An LED display ball is commonly installed in two ways: hanging installation and floor-standing installation.

Hanging Installation. Your LED sphere display may be turned from the ceiling using some hanging tools and pieces of equipment. If you want to give your LED ball display the illusion that it is suspended mid-air, you may consider installing it this way. It is the preferred option if you do not want to have an obstruction on-stage or floor area of the venue. With this installation model, people can walk under the spherical display itself.

Floor-standing Installation. If you want your LED ball display mounted on the ground, the floor-standing installation is right for you. A sturdy support stand is attached to the bottom of the LED ball display, allowing it to stand independently. You may think of the miniature globe you have at home. That is how it would look like, except it is not tilted.

We are here to join you if you want to explore other installation possibilities for your 3D LED display globe project.

Tell us about your vision for your LED display ball project. Our skilled and competent team will assist you in realizing that.

Where Can I Find A Trusted Supplier Of  LED Globe Displays?

LED Sphere Screen
LED Sphere Screen

As a representative of YUCHIP, I am excited to share that we stand as one of the leading suppliers in the LED screen industry. With more than a decade of experience, we have specialized in designing and manufacturing a wide range of LED display solutions, including our renowned LED Globe Displays.

Our global reputation is built on successful projects across continents. We’ve provided a 1.8m diameter LED globe display for the World Expo Astana, a 3.6m LED ball screen for the Argentina National Museum, and a cutting-edge 3m diameter P2.5 LED globe in Kuwait. We’ve also extended our expertise to Spain, Germany, Russia, Hungary, and the USA.

Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Choosing YUCHIP means trusting a world-class LED supplier with a proven track record. We’re here to deliver LED display solutions that exceed your expectations.

To know more about us, kindly send us a personal email and address it to manager@yuchip.com.


  1. What is an LED Display Ball? An LED Display Ball, also known as an LED Ball Screen or Sphere LED Screen, is a spherical LED display that provides a 360-degree view.
  2.  How does an LED Display Ball work? LED Display Balls arrange LEDs in a spherical pattern on a frame. A computer system controls the LEDs to display specific colors and patterns.
  3. Where are LED Display Balls used? LED Display Balls are used in various applications, including advertising, live events, concerts, museums, and exhibitions.
  4. How are LED Display Balls different from traditional LED screens? Unlike conventional flat LED screens, LED Display Balls provide a 360-degree viewing angle, offering viewers a more immersive and interactive experience.
  5. What are the benefits of using Sphere LED Screens? The benefits of using Sphere LED Screens include their attention-grabbing nature, energy efficiency, and interactive capabilities.


Beyond their captivating aesthetics, LED display balls offer powerful benefits for businesses seeking to enhance their brand presence and drive engagement. Their 360-degree visuals and customizable content instantly grab attention and set your brand apart, while their versatility allows them to be seamlessly integrated into any environment.

Whether showcasing products, promoting events, or enhancing ambiance, LED display balls provide a dynamic and interactive platform that fosters brand recognition, increases customer engagement, and ultimately contributes to increased sales and revenue. Investing in LED display balls is a strategic step towards creating a memorable and impactful brand experience, ensuring your business shines brightly and stands out.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us know if you have any questions!

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