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When you hear of LED, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it’s a monitor. Basically, for displaying information, images, or advertisements or to whatever purpose. Do you know that LEDs are also for floor LED screens?

Watch this video.

Floor LED display is a novel digital display device specially customized for outdoor and indoor exhibition halls and party scenes. It is generally for the podium, T, booth, bar, night show, broadcasting hall, and other decoration.

If you’re a fan of variety shows or dance concerts, you’ve probably seen them.

They make the whole view and stage look classy and engaging and add ambiance and energy to their performances.

Led Dance Floor Applicable to rental and fixed installation
Floor LED Screen Installation

Floor LED display is especially in load-bearing, protective, anti-fog, and heat dissipation performance. So, they can adapt to high-intensity trampling.

So, even if a whole dance group performs together, you don’t have to worry because it’s safe and is resistant to massive movement and tension.

P3.91 Floor LED Screen

P3.91 dance floor LED Screen, from the name itself, is an LED Display type used on the floor with a Pixel pitch of 3.91. It promotes interactive entertainment through the videos and images it can play while stepping or dancing on it.

They’re mostly in concerts, variety or dance and sing shows, disco bars, etc., as an additional decoration other than LED screens.

LED Dance Floor Rental
P3.91 Dance Floor LED Screen

Let’s go ahead and know its advantages.

  • Easy maintenance

When a product in the whole screen fails, you can directly disassemble and replace it without removing other products, helping you solve emergencies in use quickly.

  • Sound effects

Besides a display, it can play sound, which will help you enjoy more while amusing yourself with its rich color and vibrant display.

  • Video effects

If you’re using it for disco bars, you can play a video while mixing and matching effects to satisfy the people’s auditories fully.

So, if you’re into good graphics and ear-catching sound effects, this fits your interest well. Or if you have a disco bar, this for sure helps you gain more visitors and establish a pleasant ambiance.

For more details, please visit our website;  https://yuchip-led.com  or message us at manager@yuchip.com.

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